Optimal Health and Chiropractic Care


I thought I might expand a little more on the last blog, and see if I can demonstrate some interesting concepts.


As mentioned earlier, it seems that medical science (mainly drug companies) are “discovering” new diseases, disorders, and dysfunctions on almost a daily basis. Every time we turn around we are warned about some new potential disaster that will ruin our lives any moment now. The solution is always the same- go see your doctor and have that person put you on the latest greatest pill. Ughhh. It really makes a person seem helpless, and whatever you are doing to try and help yourself a waste of time. But can you do something about it?


Look at the word DISEASE. It actually comes from two words:
      Dis- meaning do the opposite of,  and Ease- meaning the state of being comfortable, freedom from.


So the opposite of disease would simply be ease or freedom from… fill in the blank.


How about DISORDER? Again, two words:
     Dis- opposite of, and  Order-  an organized arrangement.


So the opposite of disorder would be things organized in some manner so as to work or not be confusing.


DYSFUNCTION. Again, two words:
     Dys- meaning abnormal and Function- the way something works, its purpose/use.


So the opposite of dysfunction would be functioning or working in the manner in which it was designed.


So in each case instead of worrying about fixing or correcting disease, or disorder or dysfunction, why not focus on improving one’s abilities to experience ease, and order and function?  In other words, why not create more of these things that are desirable instead of trying to get rid of those things which aren’t so desirable?


Improve ability is always the best way instead of fixing problems.


Spend time with people you love and enjoy. Do things you find pleasurable. Improve those functions you already have by walking and breathing and resting and communicating. I am telling you, this is the “cure”!


I’m advocating that you pursue fun, you make time for yourself and not worry so much about the “what if’s” we hear on the news and all around us. And think about it, if the Grim Reaper does come for you, would you rather have him come get you while you’re grinding away at some stupid job, working for the man to pay bills and taxes, or while you were having the time of your life, surrounded by people you love and care about? See… you can’t lose!


I can think of no better way to get what you would hope to get from some magic pill or cure or the Fountain of Youth. The Spirit of Play IS the best way to create that youth and vitality we all want- JUST PLAY!!!!!!!


So this brings us to an interesting quandary- how often should we play each day?  You should probably find out and decide for yourself! Have fun!


Isn’t this the life you have been looking for your whole life, why you go to work, see doctors and put up with all the crap you put up with all day- a fun life where you enjoy being alive?


Well, just do it- that is the ease, that is the order and that definitely is the function we all have the ability to create right now! Honestly, YOU are the only “dis” that makes these undesirable and unhealthy!