Chiropractic Care to Stay Healthy

In previous blogs, I have described a number of ways to stay healthy, promote wellness and longevity. To me, the ways are simple and really depend upon the way you look at life and the people you love. It’s about relationships, and how you relate to others and the world around you. No magic pills, or spells or lotions, just people like you and me getting along, communicating and deciding what life is to us.
In no way should this be construed as a substitute for medical and chiropractic care when warranted. Once your life is “saved” you need to get back to the game of living and that is what my earlier blogs describe.
Life-threatening emergencies are life-threatening emergencies and health conditions that are ruining your ability to enjoy life, are just that and for those situations, there are professionals who can help.
Life-threatening medical emergencies notwithstanding, I attended a continuing education seminar where it was described that chiropractors are becoming more and more the primary health care providers for musculoskeletal diseases and disorders. Think you are dying- see the medical doctor, have something going on that makes you wish you were dead- see the chiropractor!
And why not? Ours is a conservative approach that is usually recommended in all non-life threatening situations. Ours is a functional approach, let’s see if we can make this work the way it’s supposed to, and that includes the basic design of the body and it’s the ability to heal and repair itself. Let’s see what you can do, and let’s see what your body can do. Often times this is the best approach.
All too often patients don’t realize that they are hurting themselves and a few simple recommendations and modifications and viola! No more pain and the person can get back into the game of life within a few days- often times much sooner than they could get an appointment with their medical doctor or get films!
Stay tuned, there’s more coming on this topic!