Less Communication, Less Life


Many who know me don’t know that I am a ranter and raver! Dr. Diane can attest to this, as she is the one I rant and rave to the most. I look at things that seem like they should be relatively simple and wonder why I feel like jumping off the Sears Building.


To me, life really doesn’t seem like it should be that complicated. You get an idea, tell a few people and bring your idea to life. It all starts with some type of thought or idea and if you are willing to push through to a done, well, you did it!


An old adage, “The way out is the way through”, pretty much sums it up.


Funny, it’s not about how hard a person works or suffers or how many years he beats his head against a wall, but rather how well he communicates and continues to communicate his idea to others. There it is… communication with others. Now obviously it kind of has to be the right “others”, but even this isn’t all that important as long as a person is outflowing his thoughts.


Communicating with others is not only the beginning of a person’s overall joy in living but also the origin of life itself!


Here comes the rant. We, that being mankind, seem to be going more and more out of communication with others. Watch a young couple or family in a restaurant staring at their phones the whole meal- not a word was spoken, really. Watch how people drive, or when you go somewhere if there is a person there, they look at a screen as they ask you questions.


The end result? No life!


To learn more about Dr. Dave’s “rant” as he calls it, stay tuned to the next blog and remember this is important to all of us. We as a society have forgotten how to talk to each other….