How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle


Over the past month or so I’ve posted a couple of blogs discussing “Biohacking”, and more so the idea of using “Smart Pills” to improve brain function.


Biohacking is a kind of a Hollywood-esque concept where a person experiments with a variety of things to get better performance out of his or her body, and ultimately more enjoyment from living.


These can be things as simple as getting proper sleep, eating a healthy diet, exercise, meaningful social relations, or just being on purpose with your job, family and friends. Things not going right? Try looking in some of these areas for outpoints- perhaps you’re not getting enough sleep, or there’s a co-worker that makes you want to jump in front of a bus. Try making changes in some of these areas and you might be surprised how much better it feels to be you!


It’s not that difficult. If one starts to communicate, you know outflow and gets involved in his or her life, and the world around them, this can be very rewarding in terms of living potential and longevity, and with very little downside. How could communicating and living and getting involved in the life of your choosing be anything but profitable? Of course, even good things can be done to such an extreme that they are now more harmful than good. Fad diets, exercising for hours every day, hanging around with people your mother was afraid you would hang around…! This kind of brings us to the other side of Biohacking and what I really started to rant and rave about in my last blog.


People are doing a lot of crazy and stupid things like using Nootropics, or “Smart Pills” and other types of drugs to improve physical and mental performance. Steroids and hormone therapy come to mind as far as physical performance is concerned, and things like LSD, psychotropic medications and a variety of methamphetamines are used in a variety of combinations called “stacking” to improve brain function. This concept is not new. People have been turning to drugs from the beginning of time to make them feel better, happier, smarter, stronger, braver…. The Shaman in traditional societies took hallucinogenic mixtures to speak to the gods. But for as many millennia that drugs have been used to make super people, where are these super people and why are we still looking to drugs for the answers?


Stay tuned for the rest of this story coming in a couple days….