The Spirit of Play

Many, many, many blogs ago I talked about the importance of playing games- the spirit of play, and how important it was because life really is nothing more than a series of games. If you go back to some of my first blogs you can read about this.

By no means am I saying life’s no big deal, and it’s just patty-cake… it’s a game where a person has to overcome barriers and restrictions, create and solve problems and reach for some type of freedom- all the while holding a certain level of interest and uncertainty about how it’s all going to turn out. It’s a game like any sporting event or anything where it’s us against them. We’ve all played these types of games.

For this, one truly needs a spirit of play.

The reason I’m conjuring up the “blog ghosts” of the past is that often times the things that get attacked by governments and experts and police and laws and bureaucracies… is a person’s willingness to work, his willingness to play games and his spirit of play. These entities are often little more than parasitic cartels that produce nothing, and yet offer the promise of safety and security in exchange for the individual’s willingness to create his life and the world around him.

Take away a person’s work- he fails, take away his willingness to play games- he fails, take away his spirit of play and he will no longer create life or the livingness around him, and I would imagine that is the end of life.

There is NOTHING on this earth… not even a bug, that could ever take this from any individual. Sadly, one would have to willingly give it away- that being his willingness to work, his willingness to live, and his spirit of play.

And yes, I do understand that staying home, staying apart and staying connected and trying not to get the bug, and trying to sneak out of the house and trying to find food and toilet paper is a game, but whose game? Are you really having that much fun?

Many have lost a great deal over these past few months, and it will be many years, if ever, for many to regain what they’ve lost. Do you really want to keep playing?

People listen to the “experts” and our “leaders” waiting and hoping for them to tell us it’s all safe. And yet, most consider these same people idiots who don’t know what they are doing, and yet they are driving the bus we’re all supposed to be riding on… or else!

As I’m sure you have, we are beginning to hear a lot about all that’s going on.

Recently, some friends of ours lost family members- not to the virus, but other causes. The funeral home informed the families that if they made Covid-19 the cause of death, the government would pay them money, and I’m sure the funeral home as well. The same thing is happening in hospitals. Call it COVID and you’ll get paid! As I said, I’m sure you all have your, “You’ve got to be kidding me! ” stories.

These are the hands that are directing you through this crisis, telling you what to think and what you can and can’t do… this is far scarier than any virus!

You know what’s right, you know what is reasonable. You can think for yourself… it’s your life.

Please for the sake of mankind, let’s each of us pull our heads out of our backsides and start thinking for ourselves!

One last point. In those earlier blogs, I also talk about no magic pills, or lotions or potions. There is no rescue ship coming for us. The only thing we have is each other and our ability to communicate and help one another.

Now there’s a GAME!!!!!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave