Communication And The Need For Each Other

A number of years ago I used to talk to my dad about ideas concerning life and livingness.

He would always listen intently and then smile and tell me that if he was 10 years younger, I would sound like a genius. Ten years older, I would sound like an idiot!

In the spirit of those conversations, I might try to be a genius to you!

History has proven over too many years that the deadliest thing on this or any other planet is mankind, and not just mankind, but his propensity for insane solutions to the problems of living. Just look around and listen to your conversations with others. Proof enough?

We have killed billions of people, wiped whole species of animals off the face of the earth, and in short have ruined the lives, dreams, and futures of so many through greed, ignorance, arrogance, and inhumanity; and all in the name of progress and making a better world in which to live! How do you take away peoples’ lives, crush them with fear and tell them you are only doing this because you care, and want them to live?

One could look at the events of the past few months and know he was looking at insanity. This is where the real danger lies- not in some bug, but in man, and his insane solutions.

Obviously, man has done a lot of good; and where he has, it has been individuals helping others- not through any act of government or its bureaucracies-just people helping people.

In previous articles and blogs, I have discussed the importance of communication, and the other person- that is someone besides ourselves to our overall health, happiness, and the survival of this planet. We are now being told to stay away from our fellow man… “he is dangerous and can harm us”. I would say this is simply not the case.

And who is telling us this?

Those who have had us on the brink of extinction for so many millenia….the bomb makers, the warmongers, those who push drugs and poisons, those who elect criminals to rule good honest people, the pornographers, and slave traders, and those who report lies about it all in an attempt to make us lay down and stop fighting.

In the end, it will not be a bug that ruins life and the joy of living on this planet; but once again the inhumanity of man toward his fellow man.

Our fellow man is our only hope and salvation, not only during this nonsense but forever. We can have no life, no planet, and no future without each other. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s an experiment you can try sometime…

Hide in your house behind a mask, completely isolated from your friends and neighbors, your job and co-workers, your churches, and what you consider life, and those you love. Now for the next 3 or so months, just inflow texts, television, and the news. Every once in a while call someone on the phone who just heard the latest load of crap from some pea-brained imbecile who told them how bad and hopeless everything is – no hope, no certainty, no happiness, no conclusion… just keep hiding until they decide it’s okay for you to live again.

I know. Who in their right mind would think that was a good idea? We really, really, really need each other- it’s all we have!