How To Improve Health, Wellness, and Longevity


Hi To Everyone in Blog Land,


      In previous blogs, I have talked about the importance of lifestyle to overall health, wellness, and longevity.  You should go back and check out those earlier blogs as I’ve heard from others that they are quite brilliant.!


     A person’s life and how well he survives is determined by how well he can play games, and handle those challenges that are parts of the games. The person must also be able to create games, rules, barriers, and freedoms for himself for there to be a game he wants to play.  Most games that are forced upon a person are simply, “You better, OR ELSE!!!” type games which suck the life out of a person and in fact, make the person withdraw his willingness to live and play the game called life. It is that willingness that IS the fuel that animates the world around us. Crush that willingness, and there will be no life.


I’m sure we all know people who over the past several months have had that willingness drained from them-as if it really could be drained.  In all honestly, it really isn’t anything more than the willingness to create the willingness! It’s not a commodity, it is something we all create- if we are willing to!


To me, one’s lifestyle is one’s ability to play and overcome problems/barriers, and to improve not only the quality of his own life but those of others as well. One’s lifestyle is those actions that help others and the world in which we all live do better and be able to play bigger and better games!


When one’s lifestyle improves the survival ability of his family, the groups he belongs to, and mankind- he has greatly improved his own ability to survive and increase his joy of living. Many try to gain health, wellness, and longevity by exercise, vitamins, drugs, surgeries and many of the crazy bio-hacking ideas described in earlier blogs- as if doing anything to a body apart from activity, good nutrition and a good outlook on life could increase the number of days you have on this planet. There are no pills, no surgeries, no drugs or gimmicks- just you and I playing games and improving each other’s survival potential.


Conversely, and this is a bit heavy, if your family and friends, or members of your groups or even mankind are not doing well, this diminishes not only their ability to survive but yours as well because we are all members of each other’s groups as it were.


Say someone at work is stealing money, and making it difficult for the company to remain solvent-even though you aren’t stealing, the company could close and you and a number of others could lose their jobs, homes and a number of other things.  People simply do not survive well when others are failing or acting like criminals.  I am sure you can think of many other examples.


Alright, I have more to write on these ideas and concepts, but I’ll let the above soak in for a while and write more next time!


In the meantime, as the late Dr. Seuss once said,


     “You might be just one person in this world, but you might be the whole world to one person!”  Something to think about!


Take Care,
Dr. Dave