Hello, Again, and Welcome Back!

Please keep in mind that these blogs, and especially the one before this are not meant to be Kumbaya lectures, but rather look at how the past several months have been. Fear, worry, hopelessness: people being divided into essential people, non-essential people, while certain people are now heroes, and others have been reduced to criminals for wanting to provide for their families.

Enough! You were there and it’s too depressing to discuss any further!

But look at it this way, and maybe this all I’m trying to say…. Basically, we are team-mates in this game called life. Yeah, some of us play for one team and some for another team, but we are all playing this game called life! The quality of that game depends upon the quality and participation of ones’ team-mates and the other players. We have a very vested interest in making sure that the other players can play, and play well… after all, it is all of our lives!

When these team-mates have been told to lay down and be safe, don’t leave home, avoid other players, and above all be afraid… BE VERY AFRAID-that’s really not much of a game. Notice how your ability to survive and have a hopeful future seems. Not real good. Your team-mates and other players can’t play well. Each of us is probably only as good as the challenges before us. Good players, great challenges, and great rewards! Poor players… well, not much of a game, and not much reward. Those rewards are what make the game and living worthwhile!

During these “difficult times”, when we are all supposed to be staying together, only apart and standing tall while we are laying down, and being strong while we are forced to be weak and afraid-this is the Real danger!!! It’s insanity!

Alcohol and drug use is up. Domestic violence is up. Suicides are up. Confusion and uncertainty about tomorrow are at an all-time high. This is NOT PRO-SURVIVAL!!!

It saddens me to think of the number of records requests I’ve had from young parents and other patients to have their records sent to “Dr. Weed” for marijuana.

I am not judging, but when the world is telling our team-mates to lie down and be afraid and the team-mates’ solutions are drugs, alcohol, beating loved ones, and suicide-WOW!! Could we be looking at the end?

Yes, I understand this is not everybody, but they are still team-mates and players in this game called life. We all win when we all play well, and we all lose when we don’t or are forced to play non-survival games….oh yeah, in the name of survival!

You know, years ago there was a singer by the name of Seal. You may remember him. He has a song called “Crazy” and the refrain goes something like, “We’re never going to survive unless we all get a little crazy!” Great song.

I am not talking about freaking insane, but crazy- taking that risk, taking that chance, like the idea of me being a chiropractor, or when I first worked up the courage to ask Diane out for the first time, or moving to Arizona and opening Paragon Chiropractic.

Did you know these were all bad ideas conceived at the wrong time?

I could give you the dates and you could go back through the news: recession, housing crisis, energy crisis, chiropractic not being recognized by the AMA-blah, blah, blah….the virus will kill us all, be afraid, your neighbor and family members can make you sick enough to die, close your business, blah, blah, blah- It’s all one continuous, endless, depressing narrative spewed out by the chaos merchants.

But ignoring this non-sense and going for it…. These are the risks and with them can come great gains, BUT you could also fail. But, that’s what makes the heartbeat, and the bowels work and pump life through the body. The best part is- you can always step back up to the plate and give it another try!

Milton Hershey- of Hershey Chocolate fame, had filed bankruptcy six times and was on his way to declare it a seventh when a huge order for chocolate-covered caramels came to his office. The rest is history! Right or wrong, good or bad… the wrong thing to do is nothing.

So what have you got to lose by not making sure your team-mates are winning, and the game is not continuing to be played? What have you got to lose by not taking a risk and going for it?

Well, just think back over the past few months and you tell me.

See you on the field!

Dr. Dave