I hope everyone enjoyed the earlier blogs- kind of heavy, but it really is time to stand up and take back our world! Just my humble opinion.

Recently I read a book called “Here’s Real Magic”. It’s about magic, not so much about “tricks ‘ but, the idea of magic in the world- wonderment – awe- that aha moment that catches your breath.

As kids, we have this attitude about the world around us and then “they” start to work on us- soon we need truth and facts and data and answers- Problem is if you knew the truth the whole planet and everything would disappear! We’ve worked very hard to not know!

The author, a magician named Nate Staniforth, began doing magic tricks as a kid, and eventually got his big break and worked for a number of years in the show business of magic.  After a while, Nate began to realize that although his magic was wowing audiences everywhere, his tricks were no longer wowing him. Sound familiar?

In his quest to find real magic, Nate took a sabbatical to India (another great idea, and one for future blogs- mini-retirements- why wait?)

I won’t tell you how the book works out, but ultimately, and as you can well guess he came to discover the magic and wonderment were always inside of him, and that the world around him was truly magic.  He needed only to take the time to look and admire the world in which he lived.

An interesting concept, but one that I find very true; one has to be able to have magic in order to experience the magic.  Isn’t it odd that those who so desperately need a miracle are the ones who cannot have a miracle?  Those who desperately need money are the ones who simply cannot have money.

They are their own barrier, their own problem, and their own answer.

Not everything needs to be answered, it can just be magic.

In the book, Nate talks about the Tooth Fairy, and how when parents put a quarter under the child’s pillow for his tooth, they don’t do this to make the kid believe in the Tooth Fairy, but rather to show him there is still magic in this world. A person can still be awed and feel a sense of wonderment. I thought that was amazing!

This is something to think about as we go through life and interact with others.

This could be the most magical day!!!!!!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave