The Magic of Paragon Chiropractic

Hello Once Again!

As usual, after reading my last blog, I realized I had a lot more to say about magic, and what in my opinion is the secret ingredient that makes Paragon Chiropractic all that it is to those who help us make it so. In a word… MAGIC!

I understand that doctors’ offices are supposed to be scientific, and provide the most scientific care that it can deliver.

But science tries to explain away miracles, faith, and above all magic, and yet anyone who has ever injured themselves and recovered knows magic. There is no way that bones should have mended, or that pain went away, or that cancer resolved… science says so, and yet- the person is healthy and alive again!

In fact, in my office, I do more magic than science. What I do and how someone feels after really cannot be explained scientifically. Patient’s look at me and start to laugh, some tear up because they know they are going to be okay. There is now hope where there was only fear and worry.

I mean, how does that work? There is no scientific answer for someone being in my company, or having me touch them, or listen to them that explains why they feel better, and can now stand and walk or lift their arms overhead, or no longer have a headache, or debilitating pain.

It’s a miracle, but science says these do not exist, and all can be explained with science. I totally disagree.  After 35 years of being a chiropractor- I see miracles every day! It’s just magic! And that is all the more explanation that is needed.

It’s interesting that those who benefit the most from our care are those who can have magic, and who in fact are magic themselves.

Little kids do amazingly well in our office, and why? They still have magic.

Recall when you used to walk to school or be outside playing with your friends. Everything you saw brought awe and wonderment- it was magical!  And the best part?  IT WAS ALL SO REAL!

Now you hop in your car, never seeing the world around you, staring at a cell phone or a computer… and you wind up in a world that is created for you.  And everyone worries about dying-  a person is already half-dead or worse if he lives only in this scientific, modern world without miracles, faith, hope, or magic.

The magic is those extra few seconds it takes to look up and admire, be awestruck,  dumbfounded by the miracles that surround us each day. The birds, the bees, the flowers growing, the tree that grows new leaves each spring, a story your kids tell you….

You know, the magic trick we should all practice is the trick of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary! It won’t be easy at first, but it will never happen if you don’t try. Wouldn’t it be cool to be the one people look to for miracles? And you can tell them the secret- just add time to enjoy the moment and stand back and admire the magic of it all!

And plan on those who cannot have the magic to take yours and your desire to create it. I think the expression is, “Don’t let the bastards get you!”

And when they do, and they will, they always do- just let go and create some more magic!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave