Hello Once Again to Those in Blog- Land!

Here’s something you probably haven’t heard before, but wow, these sure are crazy times! I know- I’m sick of hearing it, too!

At this point it begs the question, so what could we do about them, these crazy times?

When I ask this of people, they really do not have an answer. No ideas, no plans, no anything really, just hoping things will get back to normal.

Keep in mind though, that normal is kind of what got us into this mess in the first place. Normal is living your life and figuring that someone else will take care of all the craziness. Our leaders and politicians do all of our thinking, right? The people who sell drugs control our health, and social media tells us how we should behave and treat each other, right?

Prior to the whole COVID stuff, if you spent any time watching T.V., keeping up with social media, watching the news, or reading the newspaper what did you think? Yeah, these sure are crazy times! So is this the life you’re hoping and praying to get back to? If so, you’ll be happy to know you never left!

We are led to believe that the whole world is insane, and yet when you talk to your friends, family members and neighbors they’re all kind of like you, decent, hard-working people who think about others, and who are interested in getting along and living peacefully with one another.

When a person looks around, the things he sees aren’t really threatening. Look at your workspace, your family, your neighborhood… are they really that evil-looking? Are all of these things trying to kill you and destroy the lives of those you love? Not really.

So where, or better yet, who is trying to create this “other” world- the crazy one, this crazy one we are all being led to believe is the real world?

In a phrase, the chaos merchants. Chaos merchants thrive on people being afraid, hating each other, and the world spinning out of control toward some disastrous end that never really ends!

They are newspapers, television, news programs, social media, and people who never miss a chance to send you a text or some kind of bad news that leaves you feeling empty.

Think of your cell phone. All-day long it’s one disaster followed by the next interlaced with a kitten trying to ride a bicycle.

These are things that simply make you feel bad, think the world is going to end, that all is hopeless, and there is no future. They are endless arguments and debates with others about politics and politicians. You know what I’m talking about.

I recently read a booklet that discussed the “real” world and the one that seems to be being created around us.

The real world is the one most of us know, where life is not so threatening, people are friendly and calm, and each of us is free to pursue happiness. This world really does exist! It’s the one we create for each other, and the one we actually see each day.

The other “created” world doesn’t really exist- it’s the one the chaos merchants tell you that you live in. It’s the one you see on social media, the news, and hear from all those people who love to tell you how bad it is over there! It’s the one you find yourself all spun up in by things that seem so incredibly unreal, the one you never actually see but are told is so. This is the one the chaos merchants desperately want you to believe you live in. It doesn’t really exist except in your fears and worries and in the reports of those who say this IS how it is!

So what can we do? First of all, stop listening to the chaos merchants, and start creating the “real” world again!

The booklet I spoke of earlier is based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard and it’s called, “ Solutions for a Dangerous Environment”. Amazing stuff, and I would be happy to tell you where you can get a copy. The booklet really is full of solutions, things you can actually do to put an end to much of the nonsense we now think is life.

I’ll have some copies on hand at my office, or I can direct you where to get some for yourself.

Honestly, we really just need to tune the chaos merchants out and start to build that world we know really exists once again!

I’ll be writing more on this topic in later blogs, and will also discuss the importance of magic in a person’s overall health and well being.

Until then,

Dr. Dave