Hello, and Welcome!

How have you been doing with making a decision and getting off the maybes? Let me know if you would.

One of the things I’ve been seeing is people hoping to get back to normal. A blog or two ago, I talked about normal as being that place we were when all this nonsense started.

Well, we at Paragon Chiropractic have no intention to go back to “normal”.

The only real security that anyone has is to be physically, mentally, and spiritually sound.  This is the only chance anyone will have to rise above and survive in a more decent society and world.

To me, physical soundness will protect against all future bugs and diseases and disorders- man, people need to be healthy!!!!!!!!!  The healthier a person is, wellllll…. the healthier a person is!!!!!! Get the idea?

When most are overweight, and almost half are obese, one simply cannot maintain the status of health. Why do we see such a rapid rise in COVID cases in the US? Because we are one of the least healthy countries on the planet!

Instead of getting healthier, people are waiting for an injection or a pill to save them. The funny part is the only way an injection or pill works is if you are healthy and your body can heal and recover!

Mental soundness- this is the way to see through the insanity and hysteria, to think for yourself, assess data, and determine a pro-survival course for yourself and others. It is your overall mood and emotional level concerning life. The lower a person’s affect- like anger, fear, grief, or apathy the more likely and susceptible that person is to diseases, disorders, and infections. Kind of odd to think of people going through life afraid of a virus when fear is one of the best ways to be infected!

Spiritual soundness- well, that’s what you are the spirit that creates and animates the world around you. You live in the world you create with thoughts, decisions, and actions.

Now I could go on a rant about the government and its bureaucracies, but the government thinks and groupthink has brought us all that is miserable with life and the world around us- wars, taxes, drugs, garbage foods, crime- we have been on the brink of extinction for thousands of years- from that day that one caveman told another caveman what do to, and took the spoils of his labors and will to live from him. This is the “other” crazy world and not the real world where cool things actually happen.

So what are we at Paragon Chiropractic going to do?  Not go back to normal that’s for sure. We’ve been reading, training, communicating with everybody and everything we can, eating healthfully, exercising, and planning a future that is expansive. It is a great source of personal pride that we remained open and stood as a stabilizing factor in all of this crazy crap. We were not defying the bug, and peoples’ worries and concerns- we were standing tall and defying the order to lie down, do nothing and accept what we were told.

I know, a bit heavy, but… man, a person has to fight back.

The more important question though is, what could you do about it? Step up and grow or go back to normal and hope this never happens again?

Sorry, but it can never go away until we make it go away!

Please let us know if we can be of help to you. We have a lot of great ideas and have helped many, many people in our 35 years as healthcare professionals. Just let us know!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave