It seems that over the past few weeks things have been changing. Restaurants are now seating,  “non-essentials” can go back to being non-essential ( I truly hate that term, and anyone who thinks that they have the power to decide who is and who isn’t essential!), and for a moment there one could see a slight glimmer at the end of the tunnel.

Then the chaos merchants ramped it up again, and have the weak-minded (our politicians and their bureaucracies) all stirred up and now that tiny glimmer is gone.

On top of it all, I am a criminal for not wearing a mask, and I just found out after 58 years I’m a racist who deserves anything that is done to me, or those I love.

I have never seen a problem in my lifetime that we have not been able to overcome and for the better, and yet here we are- stuck in the middle of a giant maybe!

Things are better, but they’re not. You can live your life, but not really. Maybe you are healthy, then again, probably not.  Maybe, maybe, maybe!!!!! It’s all a bunch of wishy-washy nonsense.

Think about it. Maybe there’ll be sports, maybe not. Maybe you can go on a vacation this year, maybe not. Maybe the kids will go back to school this fall, maybe not…. It’s enough to drive a person insane, and lock his attention on all the fear and uncertainty. This is deadly.

It’s time that WE made a decision, and decided how it’s going to be. One can decide that he is okay, and always was okay, or he can decide to succumb and listen to the chaos merchants and slowly die.

Either way, just decide! No maybes and NO INSANITY!!!

For me, I have decided that I’m okay, and will be okay. I am deciding how the story goes (See the Blog on the movie BIG FISH).

I work all day trying to help people make the decision that they too are okay, and always will be, and see if they won’t help create that calmer, friendlier world that really exists- not add to this chaotic mess!

Most are afraid and need to work through their process. Bit by bit when they see others making it and standing up to the nonsense, they get the idea they can, too.

They will naturally come to this, provided we do not listen to the chaos merchants.  Shut off the news, throw the newspapers away, and stop looking at your phone! This is how we can do it.  But we can’t have people start to come out of their fears only to be annihilated by the chaos merchants. This has to stop.

As I’ve said in earlier blogs the problem is not and never was a bug. It’s the hysteria and insanity- man’s greed, arrogance, ignorance, and inhumanity toward his fellow man. These are the things the chaos merchants profit from.

Okay, so let’s make a decision and get through this non-sense! Let’s get off of all these maybes and decide.

As mentioned in the earlier blog, there is a really excellent booklet based on the work of L. Ron Hubbard entitled “Solutions for a Dangerous Environment” and it is exactly that- things a person can do to get themselves and others out of this death spiral.

I have a few copies at my office, and I can certainly help you get a few for yourself and others. Let me know.

The next blog will discuss some of the things we at Paragon Chiropractic have been doing to make that decision to survive!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave