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On the other side those who are not able to play games, duplicate youth; who insist on being connected to a world that tells them that that beautiful garden that they are looking at is nothing but weeds, and a place for killer bees, and poisonous butterflies, and pollens that make people sick…. These people are pushing closer to our cadaver friend and will be far more susceptible to illnesses and disasters. While life is actually a wonderful thing it is painful to these types of people.


In my opinion, being around these types of people or being inundated with “bad” news all day long flatten a person’s outlook on life, the spirit of play and they are now more prone to illness, disease, and disorders.


How often are you simply enjoying some moment in life when your cell phone delivers a text about some horrible thing somewhere?


Funny how the more the media revs its engines about all the chaos and horrible things that are going on that the number of COVID  cases start climbing.  As people’s overall attitude and tone level about living go down, the more apt they are to get sick and do poorly in life. Closer and closer to death.


There is a very interesting booklet based on the work of L. Ron Hubbard called, “The Emotional Tone Scale” which is quite fascinating. Through a scale called the Chart of Human Evaluation one can look at the tendencies of others, find their tone level and predict with 100% accuracy a person’s overall health, trustworthiness, and even person’s potential success and survival ability.


I mention this because one can also predict how well a person will respond to medical care. So even if we get to the point where all you have to do is find Dr. Bones McCoy from Star Trek and have him blast you with a laser to cure you of everything – it will only work if your will to live and play games is high and your body is able to repair itself and recover and if you are pretty upbeat and willing to live and allow others to live! This is a MUCH high emotional tone level than the one you see in everybody walking around like masked zombies!


If you are interested, I have a few copies of this booklet at my office, or I can tell you where you can get some on your own.


As I have said in earlier blogs, there is no magic pill or surgery and no rescue ships are coming… we need to help each other to live better, happier and more productive lives. The more alive a person feels the better he lives, the less alive. well….


The best part is WE CAN help raise the emotional tone level of others!!!


Best Wishes,


D. Dave