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Well, I hope you were able to think with the earlier blog and start to see that it is NOT hopeless and the Coronavirus is NOT a death sentence!

Okay, so as promised… THE pandemic is Metabolic Syndrome. It is thought that at least 30% of the US population has Metabolic Syndrome.

For starters, Metabolic Syndrome is not anything new, and has been the thing your doctors have been bugging you about for many years- HOPEFULLY!

Metabolic Syndrome- Is a collection of co-morbidities. Basically they include High Blood Pressure, Excessive fat around the waist, Elevated Cholesterol, Elevated Triglycerides, Diabetes, and Obesity.

While Metabolic Syndrome is a collection of co-morbidities, in the US 10.5 % are diabetic, 45.6% hypertensive and 12% have elevated total cholesterol.

The American Diabetic Association has stated that males with a waist circumference 40 inches or greater, or females with a waist circumference of 36 inches or greater are diabetics.

Over 70 million Americans are obese, while 99 million are overweight. This makes 39.6% of Americans are obese.

As a matter of fact, it is recommended that obese people be quarantined for longer periods of time because they have a greater viral shed than fit people.  It is not healthy to fit people who spread the virus, but rather obese people.

Sound like anyone you know?

According to Dr. Bland, “… there is a condition called Metabolic Syndrome and it is characterized by altered immune function. In fact, it overlaps with the co-morbidities that contribute to COVID-19 severity and has been steadily rising in frequency over the last several decades. So what happens when the world’s most prevalent non-communicable health condition and a highly infectious viral disease collide? We find ourselves in our new reality: a COVID-19 pandemic within a pandemic of Metabolic Syndrome.”

The World Health Organization has been tracking NON-communicable diseases such as those found with Metabolic Syndrome for some time, and are well aware that they have overtaken infectious disease as the most significant global cause of illness and premature death.  There is now a new urgency to prevent and control NON-communicable diseases. People with Metabolic Syndrome, that are those co-morbidities listed above are at a much higher risk of communicable diseases such as COVID-19 and any future viruses, AND NON-communicable diseases- those you don’t catch from others. Altered immune systems set the stage!

With this in mind, ALL IS NOT LOST OR HOPELESS. It seems as if a person can control his blood pressure, blood fats, weight and blood sugar levels he has a fighting chance of avoiding not only the potentially devastating effects of COVID-19 but pretty much any disease or disorder that might harm or even kill him.

But here’s an interesting thought. If the COVID-19 bug is the COVID-19 bug, and its potential to harm or even kill is dependent upon a person’s status of wellness, inflammatory levels, and immune response, then how can there ever be a pill to “cure” COVID-19 symptoms? There are tooooooo many complicating factors in each individual.  Or how could a vaccination prevent a person from getting the virus, when it seems that the deadly component of this virus is YOUR health status and not the virus itself? There can’t be, and won’t be.

The bug is never going away, but its ability to harm or kill lies in you!

In the next blog, I will talk about things you can do to help yourself, and here we are once again back to the theme of my many blogs- there is no rescue ship coming to save us. Our Mayors and Governors are really providing no leadership or understanding – they are letting the inmates run the asylum!

You are the only healthcare provider who can provide you with healthcare, and this point will be made again in the next blog- lifestyle, and diet- wow, and that is definitely something we can all do!

Until the next blog,


Dr. Dave