Training and COVID-19


Well, I hope you enjoyed the last few blogs and have a better understanding of what you can do to help yourself and others. Seeing people driving along in cars or walking by themselves outside wearing a mask simply is ineffective, and pointless.

In fact, most surgical masks will block microbes 3 microns or greater, which is pretty small. Unfortunately, the Corona Virus is 0.03 microns so it can easily pass through even the best surgical masks let alone a bandana tied around one’s face.

We really need is a better understanding of what is actually happening, and far less hysteria, fear-mongering, and stupidity.

In my practice I hear about people who got the virus and really suffered no real symptoms or difficulties, while others got very sick and nearly lost their lives… and some did.

How can there be so much variation from a bug that is just that, a bug?

I understand viral loads, but the bug is the bug. Why such a diverse gamut on how it impacts people?

One explanation can be found in my earlier blogs discussing Metabolic Syndrome and being unhealthy. This seems to be the most logical explanation.

People will say, “Yeah, but someone was telling me about a friend who was a tri-athlete who got sick and died.

People who overtrain are highly inflamed, and their immune system is severely overtaxed. It can’t fight off the bug.

Marathon runners literally destroy heart tissue and at levels that are comparable to someone who had a heart attack. Think of Jim Fix- for those old-timers like me.

Not enough rest or recovery time and the person is at risk of disaster.

So what I thought I would do is discuss another concept that might explain the many differing outcomes from the same bug. To learn more about what those are, check back next week for the exciting conclusion