Important Information in Regards to COVID-19

This is a two-part blog and in case you missed the first part that discusses training and COVID-19 please CLICK HERE!

Many years ago when I was in Chiropractic College, I was introduced to a concept that I was unfamiliar with and that was the difference between within and without in terms of one’s health.

When one speaks of within, one is describing the internal environment of the body. Without is the environment outside of one’s body. This concept is one of the very basic tenets that chiropractic is based on.

Here’s something to think about.

If it is the environment that makes a person sick, as we are being told something outside or without the body, then how is it that two people who were born in the same hospital, lived in the same town, breathed the same air, ate food from the same grocer, went to the same schools, church and worked in the same factory- how is it that the environment made one person sick, but not the other? What was the difference between these two people?

Well, back in the 1800’s Louis Pasteur proposed the Germ Theory of disease stating that it was the environment and all the bugs and germs that made a person sick. And while in theory, this is true, it does not explain the story given above about the two people from the same town.

At the same time, Pasteur proposed his Germ Theory and the environment outside the body as the source of disease, another French Scientist named Antoine Bechamp proposed what he called the Cell Theory of disease.

Bechamp said that bacteria and viruses were opportunistic, and if a person was unhealthy and created the “right” environment in their body, the bugs would take advantage of the weakened state and make a person sick.

Currently, our modern health attitudes are based on Pasteur’s Germ Theory, but this just makes people victims of not only the disease but drug companies and other unsavory types who hope to profit from one’s poor health. This idea that all I was doing was walking along minding my own business when a bug jumped out from nowhere and made me sick is simply not how it works.

In fact, it’s kind of laughable.

Just live your life, no responsibility for what you eat, or drink, or put in your lungs, or activity levels, or even the people you call friends, family, and co-workers, just do what you want and hopefully, there will be a pill or vaccine to cure you so you can again continue through life with no responsibility for self, others or the world around you.

It doesn’t make sense.

Like with everything, the truth lies somewhere in between, but if you look at the previous blogs, this is what science is proving that unhealthy, obese people are most susceptible to not only the COVID-19 but many non-communicable diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes…..  YOU HAVE TO GET INVOLVED WITH YOUR OWN LIVINGNESS AND PAY ATTENTION!

And this is what we do at Paragon Chiropractic. We can help you put control and understanding back into your hands. You are very important and whether you think so or not, there are many people counting on you to do well in life and be there for them. True health care is not for oneself, but for those around them and the world in which we live.

We can help you improve that internal environment, the environment within which in turn creates the external environment- the environment without!

Please let us know if we can be of help.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Dave