Chiropractic Care For Your Health in Phoenix

You might be interested to know that many of our patients consider our practice as their primary health care providers.

Chiropractors- really?

Yes, and it actually makes pretty good sense.

Educationally, there is not that great a difference between chiropractors, naturopaths, osteopaths, and medical doctors.

The body works a certain way, or it doesn’t.  Diseases are diseases and they are diagnosed the same way regardless of the profession. Where each healing art differs is in the methods used to treat whatever health issue might be occurring.

When I see a patient I know what appears to be something I can handle or when I should refer a patient to a specialist.  Any doctor must be able to do this for the sake of his patients. If I have questions I refer the patient for tests or to a specialist-as would any other doctor who is concerned for his patient’s health.

Unless the health issue is an obvious health crisis, this is where seeing a chiropractor really makes good sense.

In our office, we can always get you in on the day you call. We have time to listen to you and determine which approach would be best for you.

Should you need studies, our office has worked out cash prices with MRI facilities and labs- and can often times get those studies done that day with next day results!

We use the medical facilities and the same ones used by medical doctors.

If your results are unremarkable, we can prepare a natural program to get you on the road to recovery. If test results are questionable, we can refer you to a specialist with test results in hand! No waiting 2 or 3 weeks to see the doctor. Our patients love knowing and not waiting and waiting.

Our approach will always be a non-surgical, non-medicinal approach, and where appropriate it can often be the best.

Unfortunately, some patients really do need to see a medical doctor, and we will be the first ones to refer you to where you can get the best help.

So next time you have a health issue that is not a medical emergency why not give us a call? Our patients are never forced into treatment programs, and just being able to sit down and talk with someone who will listen can be exactly what the doctor ordered!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave