It’s really cool to hear that people have been not only reading these blogs but enjoying them, too!

You know many years ago I decided that the best compliment anyone could ever pay me was to say,

“You know, I never looked at it that way before!”

I would tell a person something that I thought was cool, and that’s what they said. It didn’t matter if they then said,

“I still think you’re an idiot!”

But wow, they looked at something they had been looking at for years, and for the first time, they stepped around to the side and looked at it from a different viewpoint. Get that.  The viewpoint of another.

If a person lives in the shade of a mountain, he never gets to see the sun unless he goes to the other side and looks.  Things always look dark and shady to him, while someone on the other side sees only sunshine. The world would look very different from these two people if they could look at it from the other person’s viewpoint.

The same is true for life. It really is how you look at things, or at least from which vantage point one is looking.

We really need these other viewpoints to see the world and those around us differently from time to time. The best concept of the viewpoint is the person himself. He/She is the viewpoint.

And as we look around and see others we know that many different viewpoints do exist, but for them to continue to exist and even flourish and prosper one would have to grant beingness to these other viewpoints. Through these other viewpoints, one can look at the world around them differently and expand his own beingness or existence.

What I thought I might do in these next few blogs is look at and describe a few concepts or ideas. Perhaps you’ll be able to appreciate those who are around you and see things differently than you.

Here are a few ideas I would like to share with you.  Agree with me or not, they are mine and perhaps you can expand your own viewpoint!

  •        Granting Beingness
  •        Manners
  •        Communication

To learn more about these including Granting Beingness please check back next week to learn more.