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Granting Beingness

Taken from a definition by L. Ron Hubbard,

Granting Beingness is the willingness to have somebody else be something.

It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, or like them, or let them live in your backyard- you are simply willing to let them be- whatever, whoever, etc. And you grant them the space in which to be. It’s what you would expect from them for yourself, right?

Think of 50 people standing around looking at something. These are 50 different viewpoints. Because of this, no two people see the same thing from the same viewpoints. Some people can only see the front from where they are standing; others only the side or the back. In order to see the whole thing one would have to grant beingness to the other 49 people and the space they are occupying to see the whole thing, right? One would need those others and their viewpoints to see the whole object, otherwise, one’s views would be very myopic and limited- very fixed.

Today, most people desperately cling to their own viewpoint, and really for no other reason than they have not granted beingness to others and their viewpoints.  They believe their own viewpoint is in jeopardy because they cannot grant beingness to the things that would set them free- other viewpoints.

Allow someone to simply be.

I think it was Dr. Seuss who said,

“Those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter”

Just a thought, allow others to matter and they might leave you alone to be who and what you think you are or want to be! Perhaps then you might matter to yourself.

Wow, think of a world where others matter and you mattered to others.

The best way to do this is to be willing to allow someone to be something.  Grant beingness!

In our office, we encounter people from many different walks of life. The one thing they have in common is that they are trying to do the best they can with what they’ve got.

We try to align with what they know, and where their ideas might not be the best, have them come around to where we are standing, and take a look.  Some exercise, or diet, or the way they think about life is standing in the way of them making the progress they are trying to make.

And that’s when they say,

“Oh wow, that makes a lot of sense…. I never looked at it that way before!”

Next time we’ll talk about Manners!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave