The Importance of Good Manners


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So the next topic is…


Manners are best described as granting importance to another, so much so that you would treat them how you would want to be treated. You want to be recognized and allowed to live freely and consider the world around you in a manner that is appropriate and acceptable to you.

Like everything I talk about, the best way to do this is to be kind, and understanding and consider the importance of others!

It’s hard to expect good manners when you are unwilling to extend good manners to others.

Manners could further be described as creating only those effects that others can easily experience.

I don’t know. It seems odd to have to talk about manners, but to the degree that you extend good manners to others the more good manners, you find in the world.

The funny thing that most people tend to forget is that you live in the world you create. If you want a healthier, better, and happier world, well… make one!

And here we go again, it will require all of those idiots you can’t stand because they are so stupid, and shouldn’t be allowed to live….

Well, guess what kind of world you live in? Funny, that’s all you see because you can’t see the world from the viewpoint of another.

Everyone complains about how rude most people are, or inconsiderate and while this is true you can still practice good manners, and be willing to grant importance and beingness to others. To do so, others will become important and so will you.

I end up talking about all this Kumbaya stuff in a blog that’s supposed to be about health and wellness. I should be telling you how to get your edge and outperform and outlive everyone around you- you know… how to get YOURS!!! But a person simply cannot be well and healthy if others and the world around him are not.

What most don’t realize is that they are actively creating the world around them, and the status of their fellow man. I know this is heavy, and to some will be almost unbelievable, but it is true.

Where else does the world in which we live come from?

One can easily say that it sucks because everyone is a jerk, but then you are allowing the jerks to create your life, and so of course it sucks.

But what if we practiced some manners? Treated each other a little kinder, and with compassion and understanding. Wouldn’t manners, kindness, compassion, and understanding be the world in which we lived? Wouldn’t others do better in life, and in turn wouldn’t you and those that you love?

I know of no drug, prescription or otherwise, no surgery, no vitamin, no exercise, no short cut, or climbing up the backs of others that will make life worth living. It will only be people granting beingness and extending good manners to others that will create the wellness and quality of life that we all seek.

At Paragon Chiropractic we practice good manners, and it shows in the outcome of our patients’ cases. Our treat and release policy means no long term treatment programs that seem to go nowhere- that would be bad manners!

You know, when I was younger, my brothers and I used to fight with each other all the time. My mom and dad used to tell us that we might want to take care of each other because, in the end, we were all we had! That’s a Paragon Chiropractic treatment program and that is something I still think about 50 years later. We only have each other!

Next time we’ll talk about communication.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Dave