There Is More To Life Than Healthcare


Well, more positive feedback to the last series of blogs, so… I guess I’ll keep writing them!

As odd as it might seem, these blogs are indirectly about healthcare, and more about life and livingness- as if the two could be separated.

If a person were to eat healthier, exercise more, have a better attitude, and surround themselves with more up-toned people, that person in my opinion would be doing so to increase both the quantity and quality of the life they lead. In other words, this would be healthcare!

Before diving into the next blog topics, I thought I might make another point or two regarding the importance of granting beingness, manners, and communication.

If you missed the previous blogs on these topics they were only the last ones I wrote and should be easy to find.

They aren’t difficult subjects to understand, you expect to live your life in the manner you choose, you expect others to respect you and yours, and most importantly to be there and in communication with you when you are trying to be in communication with them.

In short, it is exactly how you would like to be treated… Do unto others, as you would have them do unto to you!

Pretty easy stuff!

One of the most important reasons for granting beingness, manners, and communication is that all living things on this planet, including the planet itself, run through a series of processes.

Look at the aging process. From the moment a person is born, there are stages and steps that we all go through. It is very important to understand this.

By allowing a person to run through his processes, and draw his own conclusions, and make his own decisions one is granting beingness to another and even to himself!

A person gets sick or injured- the body heals along with a certain set of processes or steps. Each step must be experienced and cannot be omitted, otherwise, that person will not fully heal.

In matters of relationships, there are many processes.

I think it was Diana Ross and the Supremes who sang, “You can’t hurry love….”

And who would want to? It is the journey that makes all things worthwhile.

With soooo many divorces one can see where allowing their partner to grow and live their life, extending good manners, and staying in communication could put a lot of divorce attorneys out of business!

A person must allow others to experience their lives if that person is ever to experience their own.

Babies must be allowed to be babies, children, children, teens, teens, young adults, young adults, and right up along the line.

You know, it’s important to realize that when you look in your rearview mirror at others, that they might not be lagging behind trying to catch up to you, but rather about ready to lap you!

As we go through the days to come and look back at all we’ve been through, it should be understood that everybody is working their way through something- all the time!  It might not be a big deal to you, but it is to them, and I guarantee there were times that you were working through something that others thought wasn’t such a big deal or even important.

I’ll bet you could have used some kindness, perhaps even some help and understanding. This is granting beingness, manners, and communication. Eventually, we all come to the conclusion we are going to be okay, but in the meantime… and this is where a person can become so important to others.

It was Dr. Seuss who once said,

“To the world, you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world!”

You never know, so why be a jerk to people? Help them through their processes!

As will be discussed in the next blog, life is something that cannot be saved. Like any process, it is something that flows, and must be allowed to well, run through its process!

There are no short cuts, or magic pills, or anything that is going to save you- just you and the people who are part of your life. That’s the magic.

Wouldn’t it be wild to start talking to a stranger and find out they had the missing pieces to your puzzle?

You can relax and enjoy the processes or like many struggle in vain to find the fastest way to the end and all the answers. But this too is nothing more than a process.

Stay tuned… more next time!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave