The Need For Human Interaction

Hello, and Welcome Back!

In the previous blog, I talked about “processes”. In case you missed it, CLICK HERE!

Life itself is a series of processes.

A person is born, a person lives, and then the person dies.

This whole cycle could be debated, but for this blog, this is kind of how it goes!

And while it could be debated that a person has little choice in when he is born or when he dies, there is the huge, wide-open expanse called life that allows for a great deal of space and time that we can do with as we please. In fact, what we do with the life part can define the quality and quantity of the lives we live! Lots of wiggle room.

Again, this too can be debated but life in my opinion and all the livingness that a person has or creates starts when one person turns and says “Hello!” to another. It could be said, that this is like being born again each time!

It is through the exchange of thoughts and ideas (communication!) that brings about what we consider our lives, or at least the quality of our livingness.

How magical to spend time with family and friends, talking, exchanging ideas and thoughts- it can be timeless, and if you’ve experienced it, you know what I mean. This has the potential to be the “immortality”, or Fountain of Youth so many seek.

A case in point would be the past several months- no humans!

If you are like me it has been a very heavy time. Not because of a virus, but no contact with other humans.

Trust me, I am not one of these social butterflies, but man I need to be around people. We all do. This is what creates life and the world in which we live. It doesn’t just exist- it has to be created! And we do the creating!

It could be said that all the nonsense we’ve been experiencing these past several months is “life” that has been created for us. Kind of awful. We might want to get in there and start pushing back. Were the past several months what you would consider a great life?

We cannot survive in a world where we are afraid of each other and hide.

Chuck Noll, the head coach of the 1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers (GREATEST TEAM EVER!!!!!) once said that the only reason a person’s teeth stay in his head is that they grind against each other. And it’s true! They don’t just stay in your head- you chew, you eat, you bite and the world keeps turning! Yeah, it’s kind of aggressive, but man, it is NOT a gentle world. You have to fight.

WE NEED EACH OTHER- and that is the source of health, wellness, and all the life and livingness you or anyone will ever have.

As a person looks around he sees more and more “de-humanization”.

Many call this progress, but ultimately a person will really have no use for another human. And that’s the, “… and then you die” part mentioned earlier.

Humans have to keep putting themselves on the creation lines of the lives we lead, or soon we will be no more. It’s already happening.

For now, we have a chance to continue to make a world that relies on others- this would be granting others their space to be who and what they think they are, being kind and involved in the world around us, and most of all staying in a face to face communication.

I don’t own a cell phone, and hopefully never will.  I may not have a choice, as now when a person goes to some restaurants he places his order on a phone, gets his food from some apathetic person stuck in a plastic box, and gets sent his bill over the phone and pays from a bank account. Often these people then eat their meal staring at their phone, never saying a word to another human being- not even the person sitting across from them.

It looks like I’m going to starve to death!

Come on humans, let’s take back our Planet!

Well, next time I will be writing another series of blogs with a different type of topic- chiropractic and the importance of creating a health team.

Well, until the next blogs…

Dr. Dave