In the interest of health and wellness team building, I thought I would share with everyone an interesting article I recently came across. The article was written by David Seaman, D.C. a chiropractor whose opinions and views I have come to respect over the past several years. In fact, it was his articles on the inflammation that helped me lose nearly 40 lbs about 15 years ago and reduce my overall body fat to 7%!

We offer the sale of his book, “The DeFlame Diet” in our office and I highly recommend the text to anyone who really wants to gain better control of their health, wellness, and future. In fact, Dr. Diane seems to recall that Dr. Seaman might have been the one to coin the term, “Inflamm-aging”. That is a poor aging process brought about by uncontrolled, chronic inflammation.

Medical research is showing that not only does chronic inflammation lead to shortened life spans, and many years of suffering, but is also one of the key factors that determine how well a person’s health outcome will be should that person be exposed to the COVID virus.

As I have said in earlier blogs, healthy people generally tend to be healthy and have more positive outcomes when faced with health issues, while unhealthy people tend to be unhealthy and sick and do not do very well when their health and wellness are challenged.

It appears that the key to the whole thing is how inflamed you are.

While there are millions of diseases and disorders, and new ones being determined every day, every one of them is related to inflammatory situations that never resolved.

So it looks like unresolved inflammation is THE problem.

In simple terms, when a person is injured or has an infection an inflammatory response occurs. There are pain, redness, and swelling.  After a few days of doing its thing, the inflammation should resolve and an “anti-inflammatory” process should begin and repair and heal the damaged tissue.

In fact, the inflammation signals the anti-inflammation, or at least it should.

This is why things like steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) can be problematic- they interfere with the healing process, and a person does not recover as quickly as they might otherwise.

But it doesn’t always take trauma or infections to bring about inflammation.  Things like chronic stress and emotional strain, sedentary lifestyles, chronic loss of sleep, and pro-inflammatory diets (which will be discussed in full later) can also lead to chronic inflammation.

When a person considers what we’ve all been up against these past 10 months or so, stressed out about job and family, sitting in front of the computer or T.V. all day eating garbage, and not being able to sleep well worrying about the end of the world- wow this is the type of strategy that would put a person on the express line to inflammation and a poor health outcome if he were to be exposed to the COVID virus or anything else.

If you get a chance, you should go on the internet and see that weight gain during the quarantine is a huge problem. People have gained as much as 30 lbs or more in a 3 month period.

This could be potentially deadly for certain people, and more so than the COVID virus itself.  This is how we are being told to be “safe and healthy”.

Alright, so we’ll let this information on inflammation sink in, and next time we’ll discuss how inflammation is the key factor in poor health outcomes from COVID and other diseases.

In the meantime, we have Dr. David Seaman’s “The DeFlame Diet” book available in our office, or you can get a copy online.

I would also invite you to go online and read the articles about weight gain and how unhealthy people are becoming from our stay home-stay healthy strategies.

Please understand this is not about being fat, or overweight, or whatever… IT’S ABOUT BEING CHRONICALLY INFLAMED.

Until next time, take care…

Dr. Dave