And thank you for reading these blogs! The ideas and concepts are meant to get a person to look a little differently at those things he has been looking at his whole life. This includes health, wellness, and livingness. One need only change his mind and decide. Again, thank you for reading along. This is part one of a two-part blog.

Pain and The Challenges it Brings To The Body As A Whole

All-day long patients come to my office and tell me about their pain and difficulties, and how they want it to go away.

There is a source to one’s pain, difficulties, and suffering. They are usually the result or the consequence of lifestyles and are the “normal” response to a person’s daily activities. Given XY and Z, one would expect PD and Q, right?

If I hit you with a baseball bat, it would cause injury to the tissues of your body, and you would feel a certain amount of pain. See? The pain would be a normal response to the injurious force, and the body will go through a healing process, and finally resolve the injury. Or… at least it should! And this is the problem for most.

Notice I did not say that after a period of time the body will have healed. Time does not heal, although the healing process does take time to resolve the injury. This process to resolution is absolutely vital, and it would include getting the mind to realize the tissue has healed. Do you realize in this instance that the mind might still think the body is suffering from the baseball bat injury? How would that “pain” go away?

If you are interested, drop me a line and I’ll tell you!

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