The Benefits of Cryofos

As a patient of Paragon Chiropractic and Dr. Dave for over a year now, he has helped with a variety of ailments. Most notably I first started to see Dr. Dave because I happen to sit at a desk all day and I was dealing with mid back pain and shoulder issues. Within a couple of treatments, Dr. Dave had me on the mend with his great adjustments and changes to my desk and the way I was sitting. For maintenance purposes, I would see him every three weeks but it was amazing how I felt.

Then, one day I threw out my lower back. I have an L5-S1 herniated disc in my low back which occurred over twenty years ago but from time to time I manage to hurt myself and it was right around the time when Dr. Dave was on vacation so between icing and heating I was slowly healing but the pain was still there. But, as soon as he got back I was in to see him and after we went through all that was going on, he got me on the table and relieved some of my pain from his adjustment. It was what happened after that that changed everything. They put me on the table where the Cryofos machine is at and it felt amazing. Dr. Abby said that it took a while to cool down the area because of all my inflammation but  I felt so much better with the deep chill. I came back the next day since I had to get on a 3-hour plane ride and they did it again. When I left their office I felt 95% better and Dr. Dave made a few recommendations for the plane.

How Cryofos Works

Basically, we will wave this wand over your sore area, and within a few seconds, it will reduce the surface temperature of your skin to between 39 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit. This causes a thermal shock to the area which reduces pain, but more importantly, it causes dilation of the deeper vasculature which cleans out the histamines and prostaglandins responsible for your pain. In addition to this, the Ice Gun also stimulates two tracts in your spinal cord that are responsible for pain, pressure, and other sensations that might not feel so good at times.

The Ice Gun is great for the following:

  • post-surgical areas on your body
  • dental implant pain
  • joint pain
  • sprains and strains
  • inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, chronic neck and back pain

Finally, I came back the next week and I was completely healed. Cryofos is a must for inflammation and pain. I not only recommend the machine but I also recommend Paragon Chiropractic. Thank you to the most incredible team that helped me get better. I appreciate all of you. – Ken Scheer