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The human body is designed to repair itself and heal. Nothing else I know of does this really.

Think of your car- does the gas tank fill itself after you’ve driven all day, or do the tires retread after a cross-country journey?

Does your house repaint itself as the paint starts to weather?


But living things do possess this magic. Amazing!

Within reason, a person can pretty much do what they want, eat and drink what they like, and live the type of lifestyle that appeals to them the most. Again… within reason AND providing they allow enough time for the body to recover from whatever they have done.

It’s rarely what a person has done that’s the problem, it’s what they haven’t taken responsibility for, and UNDONE!!!

There is a healing process, and the body must go through each step to get there.

But herein lies the problem. Most people won’t allow the body or even help it do one of the most amazing and magical things it can do- repair itself, heal and recover.

Recently we had a patient who had injured his low back and had been suffering for several days. He initially injured himself and then figured he could work the pain out and loosen the tight muscles at the gym. He was wrong.

The injury was a ligament-type injury and the pain was due to inflammation similar to as if he had sprained his ankle.

There was a significant amount of muscle spasm guarding his low back, and so it was nearly impossible to adjust him. What to do?!?

In this case, we used our CRYOFOS machine and reduced the pain and swelling to the point where we could move the joints and vertebrae of this patient’s low back.

Here, I’ll let the patient tell you himself!

In the end, I had two Cryofos treatments and they were amazing. After the first one sunk it to reduce the heat from inflammation and felt so much better from the deep penetrating cold but then I came back the next day and did it again. It only took two treatments, and all the pain was gone. This machine is a life-saver, and so is Dr. Dave. I’m a fan and you should definitely check it out the next time you are in! – Ken Scheer

Cryofos is a machine that dispenses liquid carbon dioxide and creates a thermal shock. Within seconds we can get the temperature of the injured area down to 34 degrees F! This shock decreases the superficial blood flow, increases the deeper blood flow, cleans out the inflammatory “sludge” and reduces pain reception. With this, we can mobilize the tight, sore joints and reduce pain further.

Cryofos is an amazing therapy and can really help you reduce pain to the point where you can move freely again! Check it out on our website.

As far as I know, we are the only health care office in the State of Arizona to have the Cryofos machine.

Next time you are in please ask for a demonstration of the Cryofos machine, or if you aren’t a patient stop by sometime and we’ll show you all that Paragon Chiropractic has to offer!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave