I continue to hear good things about these blogs, and I really appreciate the many kind words and compliments! Thank you!

In-kind of a round-about fashion, these blogs are totally about health and wellness. Many get the idea they were well and then all of a sudden they got sick or worse.

Quite honestly, in most cases, the person was not doing well for some period of time and was laying the groundwork for some health catastrophe.

One often hears that old So and So dropped dead from a heart attack. Sadly, old So and So was in training for that heart attack for many years. He ignored the signs.

As I have said in previous blogs, healthy people are generally healthy and unhealthy people are unhealthy.

Sounds way too simple, but it’s true.

In Movement Medicine there is an expression and one that most consider being true; “As I got older, I moved less.”

The truth is, “As I moved less, I got older!

Just the opposite is really the case.

If a person wants more life he need only create more life and livingness. Should he want less, or no life or livingness then stop creating it, or let somebody else create it for you.

Allowing others to create the world around you and the life you lead is unhealthy and sets the groundwork for unhappiness and worse.

We should all have a pretty good idea of what that type of life and world look like given the past 18 months. Yuck!!!!!!!!!

I would really like to encourage everyone to get the idea that they can make a healthy life for themselves and others.

I wish I could tell you what that was, but it’s your life and your job.

That being said, we at Paragon Chiropractic would love to help you take control of yourself. Sometimes just the simplest recommendations and lifestyle modifications can make all the difference in the world- namely your world!

Next blog I’ll share with you something that will help you see people differently and bring a considerable amount of relief to your life!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave