Hello and Thanks for Reading Along!

When a patient presents to Paragon Chiropractic, our ambition is to restore function.

In earlier blogs, I described the difference between structure and function. Often times a person has structural issues, (who doesn’t), but we can help restore function, and make something work again.

Often times the motion and being able to again is enough for patients to feel amazing!

Each day we see patients who have been told,

“… probably never again!”

But rather than focus on inability and limitations, we check to see what the patient can do, and we help them do more. Ours is always about improving function, and not pointing out the thousands of things he or she can’t do.  This really doesn’t help.

It’s better to focus on rightnesses, rather than pointing out all of a person’s wrongnesses!

One of the cool things about Paragon Chiropractic, and something that I am very proud of is that, unfortunately, the structure can be such that we cannot overcome the problem by trying to make it work. The structure simply needs to be repaired.

For this, we have aligned with a number of health disciplines that can help our patients get their show on the road, again!

From Neurosurgeons to Pain Management Specialists, Orthopedic Surgeons to Physical Therapists we can help you handle YOU!

Many do not know that we have worked out cash fees for diagnostic imagining such as X-rays and MRIs, with same or next-day scheduling. We have labs that can draw blood and perform a variety of tests to better understand what might be keeping you from playing your games.

So, if you are having a health issue that you would like to understand better, and get back to living on your terms, Paragon Chiropractic is the place for you!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave