Okay, and Hello Again!

I hope you have been enjoying these last several blogs, and have been able to disconnect from all the media nonsense, or at least are trying!

I do not own a cell phone, and never have, and really never intend to.

Like everything, a really good idea, that being a telephone at hand, has been taken and made into a hypnotic device that brainwashes people in my opinion.

Would a person in a good state of mind really do something that would, or actually could harm or kill another person?


And yet how many people do we still see texting and dialing and weaving all over the road while driving? How many sad stories?

Wow, here I go again, and this is not even what I want to talk about!

So how have you been doing with controlled motions?

If you need any help, please let us know because there is so much more to the concept than I can write in a blog. It really is an individual thing, and it takes exploration- you exploring the motions and movements that feel best and doing more of them- free the body, free the mind and free the spirit!

Unfortunately, fear is the thing that can serve as the jailor to all three.

And man is there a lot of fear being flung around these days! (Just look at your cell phone! LOL)

It used to be that a person with a bad back was afraid to bend for fear of hurting himself. We would work with him, correct his mechanics and show him the correct way to bend. He gained confidence and certainty that he would not hurt himself anymore, and had simple things he could do to remedy any minor flare-ups. Now that’s freedom!

And we can still and do do this every day with our patients.

Our process is simply guiding and helping our patients do what they are afraid to do. Pretty simple. A person could do this for themselves if they weren’t afraid or worried!

Often times it might take just showing the person what it is they are doing, and why it hurts. In most cases, it is very obvious, and the person now has understanding, realizing that it wasn’t the Gods who were punishing them, but that they were causing their own difficulties and pain. This is huge!

I say this because this concept can be applied to many aspects of a person’s life, and especially in these days where insanity and hysteria reign supreme.

If one could just look at the thing he is worried about and see it for what it is, and not what he’s told it is, in many cases simply understanding and knowing what something actually is, reduces the charge, you know all the fear and anxiety and hate and anger, or it can make it totally go away. You might even find yourself laughing about it!

One cannot be adversely affected by something he knows about and understands. It’s the stuff he doesn’t know about, or isn’t aware of that will kick his backside. (Hence the problem of walking around staring at a phone!)

In fact, if the problem is getting worse or your fears and worries are growing, something is wrong with what you think, or have been told is the problem- you don’t have the actual isness of the thing you have your attention on; or people are telling sooooo many lies about it, that one cannot get back to what it actually is to be understood, and so it persists.

I’m sure one can look at their daily life and find perfect examples of this- things that don’t seem to be settling down, lessening, getting better, or just plain going away.

You know, this is getting a little long so I will continue next blog and leave you with this quote to consider,

“Will you treat people who make you miserable as prison guards, or travel agents?”   – Leslie Miklosy

Take Care,

Dr. Dave