I hope you enjoyed the videos and found them helpful.

The bottom line is control. Control each step and your movements and you will be amazed at how powerful, healthy, and well… in control, you feel!

Now as you do these exercises, or if you’ve come into Paragon and have some exercises, one has to keep in mind that he or she is going through a process. Everything we do, Mother Nature says, “There is a process!” and one cannot skip steps or cut corners. To do so, one has not gone through their process and will not arrive.

As a baby one had to sit up, then crawl, then stand up and walk. This is the process, and research is showing that skipping any of these stages could adversely affect one’s neurologic development.

In a number of rehab facilities, trainers are having pro-athletes, guys who can bench press hundreds of pounds, get on the ground and start crawling to develop the proper motor skills, coordination, and control necessary to avoid injuries.

In your own life, it will not matter how many pounds, how many laps or miles- the only ones that matter will be the ones that were done correctly and with good control.

If a person can do 40 push-ups, but only the first 3 were correct then he did 3 that trained correct function and 37 that trained dysfunction.

The same with any exercise or miles or laps or pounds- only the ones have done correctly is beneficial. The rest, they train dysfunction, and it is the dysfunction that leads to pain, degeneration, and pre-mature aging.

Think about this next time your trainer is yelling at you to do one more. Only the correct ones are beneficial to you.

This is where Paragon Chiropractic can be such a major help to you.

We have two Certified Personal Trainers and three doctors to supervise your exercise mechanics, and show you the correct way to get more out of your routine.

We’re not asking you to give up your trainer or gym or discipline, just let us show you a few things that might make all the difference in the world!

If you are interested, you can contact Paragon Chiropractic at 602-230-9292 or comment in the section below.

Take Care,

Dr. Dave