Okay, and Alright, and Hello!

Thanks for following along, and I hope I haven’t scared anybody off with the crazy… no, the “novel” ideas I have been trying to impart to you all in the last couple of blogs.

It is weird to have someone suggest that you are the creator of the today you find yourself standing in now, but also possess the ability to create the tomorrow you hope to find yourself in, well… tomorrow!

One needn’t be taken along the pathway of time only to wind up in a situation they don’t want, and in a place, they’d rather not be especially when you can make it different, and how you want it to be.

Why not stand on today and decide what tomorrow should look like for you?

You can always change your mind, but why not put yourself on the path that will take you where you want to wind up?

I can almost guarantee that you do NOT want to trot down the path set before us by the media, pharmaceutical companies, politicians, bureaucracies,  and as they used to say in MAD magazine, the usual gang of idiots!

“Yeah, but….”

All of those “buts” are you.

They are your thoughts and considerations, and no one else’s, and they create the moment of time you are currently standing upon and your future.

Stuck and unable to move, trapped- that’s all you, because in my opinion that is your birthright- the ability to move, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

“Yeah, but….”

I know… it is scary to think that a person always could, that’s right, you always could!

And if you were the one who asked the question, you know, “Can I? Should I?” Then why not let the answer be, “Yes, yes I can”?

“Yeah, but….”

But what?

You can always move, get in motion and arrive.

Why stand there mired down in the yesterdays of what once was- trapped, stuck and unwilling to move, when all you had to do was put your body, mind, and spirit into action?

If you’ll recall the earlier blog with the lady who got thrown off the plane- she could have moved to another seat, she could have moved off the thought that the baby was going to ruin her trip, she could have just moved out of her head and spiritually imbued the moment and made it go right- she simply could have moved.

Well, I’m two blogs into this series and I haven’t even talked about what inspired the thought process behind this series.

Some time ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine who had found themselves after all their years, alone, unhealthy, and very depressed. I won’t go into details, but their spouse had passed away, the kids were gone, and they lived alone, away from everyone.

Sadly, I’m certain this story is a dime a dozen for many.

It would be easy to say that 20 or so years earlier this person should have realized the possibility of the day when they might be very sad, and set about a course of action to avoid the day they now find themselves in.

This is true, but most, as Machiavelli once said, do not reckon storms during times of fair weather. If all is well now, one must continue to put the good times therefore they do fade, and one can find themselves unhappy and with what would appear to be no way out very quickly.

BUT… (and here come the guys in the white hats!)

If you’ll recall the Chinese Proverb about the trees, the second-best time to plant a tree is now. A person can always change their mind and do what they think it will take to make things better… just simply better!  Again, move!

Perhaps the first move would be to realize that it doesn’t have to be this way and that the person himself was the only jailor holding him in that miserable place of being alone, and unhappy.

That’s right… MOVE!

The crew at Paragon Chiropractic consider ourselves “specialists” as it were in the field of movement and motion. We are Movement Medicine Practitioners who can help you move better in body, mind, and spirit.

A patient once asked what it was that we did, and how it was that our treatments and advice and help always seemed to be something special, perhaps even magical…. The only answer I could give was that we help our patients move- they move off of fixed ideas that they have to live with pain, that they can never improve, that they cannot help themselves or control their bodies. We help put the controls of their lives back into their hands where it belongs, and do whatever we can to offer hope and an opportunity to win.

Sound too good to be true? You should check us out sometime, but… that would mean you’d have to move! So go ahead and move, contact us today to learn more!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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