Hello, and as Always- thank you for reading along!

After I wrote the previous blog I found that I had a few more pages of stuff that I wrote that I thought I might share, and continue to hammer home the importance of you.

In all of these great theories that the experts and geniuses spring upon us, all meant because they know what is best for you, but did they ever ask? You that is- did they ever ask you what would be best for you?

You know, many years ago when I was in chiropractic college, one of our instructors told the class that one could teach a monkey to adjust a spine. Many of my classmates took great exception to this statement, but I understood what he meant as I watched many of these same classmates adjust themselves more out of habit, and adjust each other having never been taught how to adjust another human being.

The instructor went on to explain that the thing that one could not teach a monkey was when it was prudent to adjust someone and more importantly when it wasn’t!

One could not teach a monkey how to reason and think, but one could teach a monkey what to think, or rather, how to react.

Where one finds those who do not reason or think for themselves, give them a banana, and go the other way!

All too often I see people who have been trained in philosophy, or more sadly into a sales spiel, and who then try to pass this off as health care, or worse some type of cure for what ails you.

I never wanted to be lumped into this “curative” ideology where the most important thing was to convince you that I had the answer, or worse… the cure!

One sees more and more health experts, and yet when one looks at his fellow man, does he or she look like they are making it? Do you even want them to make it?

Not to speak disparagingly of those who are trying to help, but make sure that they are helping, and make sure that you are being helped. Look!

The other day a patient came to my office and told me that they had been experiencing low back discomfort for some unknown reason.

Of course it was unknown, because if they knew why it would have gone away!

After the visit, I told the patient to look around and find some type of sustained posture that was straining the connective tissues in their low back.

Next visit the person told me they found it and reported that they had been sewing for 4 hours without a break each morning.

That’ll do it!

But let’s let you play Marcus Welby, M.D. (wow, I just dated myself!)

How many muscle relaxers or pain pills would have made this patient’s low back discomfort go away? How many shots, or perhaps which surgery? For that matter, would a $5,000 chiropractic adjustment program of daily visits for 3 months help their discomfort? What about exercises, stretching or months of PT riding a bicycle, or the latest “As Seen On TV” gimmick?

Who knows, maybe it would have made this person better, but it would not have corrected the problem- this patient was the problem!

No, as soon as these people spotted what they were doing to harm themselves and corrected it, they began to improve.

Microbreaks, walking, light activity, stretching… and changing the work postures. Wow!

LOOK! You can know! Just look!

And if you are looking and can’t quite get it, well… that’s what Paragon Chiropractic is here for. We can help you look!


Well, next blog(s) I am going to discuss another lifestyle correction that will do wonders- and can potentially prevent a horrible ending… wow, I just welled up.

Hmmmm… I must really care about you guys!

I really want to help us all get the best!

Until the next blog….

Take Care,

Dr. Dave

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