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Hello again!!!


While reading through a few of my earlier blogs concerning neuroplasticity (how the brain and your nervous system learn) I realized that among all of the great recommendations like playing, using your opposite hand, reciting the alphabet backwards and other challenges I left out one of the most important things- chiropractic care!


Look at it this way. Pain causes people to function in less optimal performances. Think of limping, or getting up from sitting or off the floor (if you can!) using all kinds of twists and turns and holding on to things. As one does these modifications, one is actually training these dysfunctions into their brains and nervous system. Chiropractic care can restore normal function, ease of motion and ultimately eliminate pain. Now your daily activities will once again train proper function back into your nervous system and brain.


But even beyond this, many new and exciting studies are underway demonstrating improved brain function after an adjustment. A recent study presented at the International Research and Philosophy Symposium held at Sherman College demonstrated that participants when evaluated with electroencephlagram (EEG) before and then after an adjustment had much greater brain function following spinal manipulation.


In an earlier blog, a study released just this February showed nearly a 64% improvement in body strength of chronic stroke patients following spinal manipulation. Amazing! It is thought that the improvement was in brain function and neuroplasticity.


You might ask yourself why is Dr. Dave writing about this brain function and neuroplasticity so much. Don’t Chiropractors just work on back pain? Well, yes we do. But the real reason is the number of patients who have been coming to my office over the past several years telling about friends and loved ones who are suffering with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia and how terrible it is to watch these loved ones fail, each one telling me, “I hope that doesn’t happen to me!”


Or to hear about someone they care about who had a fall and died within a few months. Patients are scared to death of falls and not being able to get up or worse. I saw a study that showed at least 30% of elderly patients who suffer a fall die within 6 months. These are peoples’ parents, grandparents, and friends.


Chiropractic could just be the answer. The studies are starting to show this and how chiropractic care is improving peoples’ “health spans”. See the difference? Healthspan is the time during your life that you are healthy and well. A life span is how long a person lives. It would be so cool to get these numbers to be nearly the same, instead of 40 years of health and then another 35 years suffering from disease and sickness before the Grim Reaper shows his mercy.


As always, thanks for reading and I hope these blogs are helpful. There is a lot Paragon Chiropractic and chiropractic, in general, can do to help mankind… just let us know!


Best Wishes,
Dr. Dave Welch