The Best Chiropractors in Phoenix

In an earlier blog, I discussed the spiritual or more metaphysical beginnings of chiropractic, and how the energy that created the body and animated it could also heal and repair it… woo-woo stuff. Personally, I like the magical explanation for everything- why? It’s magic!

For those not so into the “woo-woo”, what spinal and joint manipulation does is bring about more optimal movement capacities-movement that occurs without pain or discomfort. This is very important because as the body adapts to movements that avoid pain, one is training dysfunction into their daily movement habits. Please get that- You are training yourself to dysfunction, hurt and suffer! Without proper joint alignment, muscle coordination and posture suffer as does proper body function. Keep in mind these are not strictly biomechanical dysfunctions, but also biochemical and physiologic.

Watch a person limp- in time, even after the injured joint has healed, to Not limp causes the person to experience pain- the limp reduced the pain, anything not limping causes pain. It’s not that black and white, but you can see the point.

Same is true for the person who needs coffee or soda to get through the day. They are training the body to “need” these things otherwise the person will feel tired and washed out until he gets his stimulants. He will have to give them up, and dry out like a junkie to feel better.

Chiropractic is just plain magic- no drugs, no surgery, no time-guy comes into the office, can’t get up from his chair, walks out moving freely and without pain only 15 minutes later.

And it’s not just the adjustment or its mechanics. Many try to perform spinal manipulation-medical doctors, therapists, even your friend, who is now an expert because he sees the chiropractor- the adjustment just does not work in these cases, and does more harm than good.

Everyone has an amazing chiropractic story. For me, it was this chiropractor back in Illinois, so amazing- that I decided to be a chiropractor to do the same for others. Dr. Diane is the 23rd chiropractor in her family and Abby, our daughter, will be the 26th! This was all started by a relative, Uncle Doc, who was so moved by the chiropractic care he received from a female chiropractor in the 1920s that he sold his car dealership to go to chiropractic college. His family thought he had lost his mind and he had to escape from an institution to attend school. (This might explain a lot about Dr. Diane, haha!)

If you know what I am talking about, then you know about the magic I am describing; and if you don’t…, it’s time to find your magical chiropractor!