Alternative Healthcare Options in Phoenix

In our third and final installment of services offered at Paragon Chiropractic, we are going to talk about self-help tools, orthotics, diagnostic imaging, and lab work. In case you missed the previous blogs you can read the first one HERE and the second one HERE!

Self Help Tools

These would be things like foam rolls, Theracanes, and Sticks. Tools that you can use to keep yourself feeling good between visits. There is so much a person can do to help themselves and avoid the doctor! We would love to show you how.


These are the shoe insoles we sell in our office. They are custom-made, soft insoles that balance the arches of your feet.
These orthotics are amazing. I’ve been wearing them for over 25 years. I have the worst feet. I’m not sure I could still be a
chiropractor adjusting patients without them. We have a really cool Kiosk, and you are welcome to check it out and see what your feet look like. If you need orthotics, these will be the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself and how you feel each day.

Diagnostic Imaging

Patients don’t know this, but we have worked out a cash discount program with a number of X-ray and MRI facilities in the
Valley. We can get X-ray series for $30 and $40, and MRIs in the mid-$200’s! These studies are read by a medical radiologist.
We can also take any existing films you have and have them re-read if necessary to see if something was missed, or more often to discover you are not as bad off as you were told. This is an amazing service and has saved our patients a lot of time,
stress, worry, and money! The best part is we can get you in, and your study performed SAME DAY! No waiting 5 weeks to get films, and then not hear back from your doctor for another month- if at all.

Lab Work

Same as with our Diagnostic Imaging facilities, we have worked out a cash discount price for blood and other lab work. We can get a draw at the facility, or have a phlebotomist come to our office and have your blood evaluated that day. Blood panels for tens of dollars as opposed to hundreds.  If you need blood work or would like to get X-rays or an MRI just let us know.


As you can see, Paragon Chiropractic has a great deal to offer the public- plus we are chiropractors, so we will help find the easiest, most effective and natural way to help you. Do understand that sometimes this is the medical route- BUT NOT ALWAYS!


We offer caring and compassionate care, easy scheduling, same-day appointments, and payment plans. Whatever helps you get the care you need.


Well, hopefully, that answers the question, “What services does Paragon Chiropractic offer?” Might have been easier to tell you we don’t write prescriptions or perform surgery, but otherwise… we probably do it or offer it!


Please look at our Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews. Paragon Chiropractic IS the real deal, and we would be happy to help you!


Until Next Time,


Dr. Dave