Hey Blog Readers!


Thanks for following along. This is Part One of a Two-Part Blog.


You know, I never really considered myself an “oldster” until last year when Dr. Diane enrolled us into AARP to get this little card for travel discounts.  I would have much rather paid the extra $50 than to know I’m not as young as I used to be!


As a result, we get an AARP newspaper in which I was surprised to find an article entitled “The Cure for Everything!”.  Now because of my training and the research I’ve done over the past 20 years, I thought, “This better mention something about inflammation…”.  And there it was- “Researchers have linked inflammation (in bold red letters) to nearly every critical disease of aging”.


And it’s true- almost every disease, disorder, dilemma, health disaster- even aging itself is a result of inflammation- uncontrolled inflammation.


Now before we declare an all-out war on inflammation, and enlist on the side of anti-inflammatory things above all, please realize that inflammation is a natural and necessary bodily function that keeps you healthy and well.  Controlled and on purpose, inflammation is necessary to get rid of dead tissues, repair injuries and kill the little buggy wugs that can make you ill, like viruses and bacteria- even cancer cells.


Uncontrolled, it does the same thing, only it doesn’t stop and it will continue to kill and destroy not only dead tissue and bugs but also good healthy tissue and create processes that will consume your body and leave you sick!


I will write a little more later, but please understand Inflammation is our friend and while it is necessary for good health and life- it can also make you very ill and shorten your life by decades if left unchecked.


Controlling inflammation is one of the major self-care strategies a person can use to be the best health care provider they have-Themselves! This is my unchanging message- you can create the life, wellness, and happiness that you have.


Something CAN be done about it!  Tune in to the next blog!