How To Best Heal Your Injuries

In a continuation from the first blog in this series, The Inflammatory Phase


Ice and continue motion if you can. Heat and stretching would be contra-indicated at this point, and for the reasons noted above. Please keep in mind I am talking about musculoskeletal injuries and no fractures or severe bleed outs. For these the Emergency Room in best.


Taping, wrapping and bracing might be of benefit depending upon the severity of the ligament or tissue injury.


Many think that this is the time to try NSAIDs or Over The Counter anti-inflammatories. As brilliant as this might sound, ANTI- inflammatories, right?- they are a BAD idea. In the first place, they really do not address inflammation as you might think they do. They don’t go in and mop up inflammatory fluid. Instead, they arrest many of the steps of inflammation, proper inflammation does not occur and more importantly without inflammation there is nothing to activate the real ANTI-inflammatory process where the healing process is signaled to begin. In other words, the injury never fully resolves or if it does it takes MUCH longer than it would have otherwise. Inflammation signals Anti-inflammation and the healing process.


Adjustments can also be very beneficial at this time as they promote mobilization and pain reduction. This can be amazing provided the ligament is not a Grade II or III injury. (SEE EARLIER BLOG FOR DESCRIPTION).


Beyond that our Cryofos and MyAct machines can be of amazing benefit at this time as well. If you are unfamiliar with these machines, please check out our Website!


Cryofos is cryotherapy that reduces inflammation and allows for freer joint motion- which reduces pain, while the MyAct machine promotes tissue healing by getting the immune system to address the injured tissue and resolve the injury. It does this by initiating platelet responses (for closing up the tear in the injured tissues), and stimulating your body’s own growth factors and stem cells to repair the injured tissues. Amazing stuff!


It will be shown that adjustments, Cryofos and MyAct can also be extremely beneficial in both the Reparative and Remodeling Phase as well.


You know, I could write all day and maybe or maybe not I’m making my point that Paragon Chiropractic is really the place to start when you are injured. We help your body do what it was designed to do and that is healing and resolve injuries and we do it quickly and naturally!


If you are having a problem, it would be so much easier to just make an appointment and I will be happy to talk to you and see if Paragon Chiropractic can get you back on track!


Well, more next blog!