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A couple of weeks ago my son Austin and I had the privilege of addressing a group of auto mechanics about how to avoid aches and pains, and things they could do to correct them.


When a person thinks of an auto mechanic one thinks of someone who stands or lays in awkward positions trying to hold a part in place or struggling to remove a stubborn bolt. It is not easy work and requires a great deal of strength and dexterity.


Austin and I talked about the rigors of being a mechanic and taking the time to “undo” the stress and strains placed upon their bodies from physical activity.


The presentation went well and as we were leaving the owner of the garage recalled hearing me lecture some years ago about the types of forces placed upon the spine, namely the neck and shoulders by poor postures.


At that moment, Austin and I were hit with a weird realization- as strenuous as it is to be a mechanic, it’s the time between being a mechanic that’s the problem- cell phones and computers. These guys spend a great deal of time staring at computers with modern cars, and on their cell phones. You know the posture- sitting down, elbows on the knees, leaning out like a ski jumper!


These postures are very destructive in the long run and derange the ligaments of the spine, overstretch the back muscles beyond their capacity to function, and literally turn the core off so that it will not function!  Now they lift heavy parts, torque wrenches, and viola! Injuries! And what’s more, it’s a load of heavy lifting and force that make the injuries worse.


It seems no matter what a person does, the best lecture would address cell phone and computer postures and how to modify these and undo any adverse effects.


In terms of aging, life expectancy and just feeling good, understanding the damage that is caused by computers and cell phones would be on par with the discovery that drinking contaminated water was the number one cause of illness and death throughout history. So obvious and yet….


If you go to our website, www. spineanddandy.com we offer a number of videos that show you how to modify sitting, computer, and cell phone postures.


OR…, you could just not own a cell phone like me and earn your aches and pains the old- fashioned way- like a Caveman!


Take Care,


Dr. Dave