I hope you’ve enjoyed the earlier blog postings. A lot of people commented on the concept of magic!


I am one of those pull yourself up by your own bootstraps kind of guys, and if things are going to get better, and for life to return to something that is worth living it will be up to each of us to make it so!


Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine about the future of health care, and we came to the conclusion that any type of care or therapies that promote the basic design of the body to repair itself will be beneficial and anything that removes the person from the healing process will eventually lead to more problems.


A number of years ago I used to lecture about the importance of the life energy that animates the body. I would give the example of trying to replace a hip or knee on a cadaver, and that no matter how great the surgery, or how many pills or vitamins that cadaver had shoved down its throat, that body, void of any life energy would just lay there and rot.


That element that animated that body and made it vital was totally gone.


If we consider that one end of the spectrum- a body with zero life energy – as death, then at the other end we would have a body that was totally animated, and able to avoid most health issues, and those it could not, that body would be able to recover in a reasonable amount of time. We’ll say that body has total life energy.


Now between those two points, we will find most people- some are more alive than others, and others are more dead than others.


With this in mind, it would seem that those beings who were more spiritually, mentally, and physically sound would survive longer, better, and perhaps live fuller lives – they were simply more alive. The more alive one is, well the more alive one is!


If one were to take some time to review my earlier blogs, it is my opinion that those who are willing to play games, get along with others and create a more harmonious playing field to play this game called life will naturally survive better. Simply put, they are in good communication with others and the world around them.


Stay tuned for next week for the exciting conclusion that discusses more what it is like on the other side………