Hello Once More, and Welcome Back!

This is the third and final post in a phenomenal three-part series written by Dr. Dave!

If you haven’t already, I invite you to go online and study the research concerning Metabolic Syndrome and the ill-effects of the COVID-19 virus. For that matter, research how devastating COVID-19 is to people who are obese.  It’s amazing, and I guarantee this is the first you’ve heard about this, OR that you- that’s right YOU can do something to help yourself and others.

In watching all the ads for fast-food restaurants that care so much about each of us- masks, gloves, no contact- it seems if they really did care they would stop making their products! Perhaps that’s the upside to wearing masks- you can’t eat junk food!

But studies are showing that improved physical fitness, reduction in obesity, and improved quality of sleep greatly improve immune function and reduce the severity of viral infections like COVID-19.

So what can be done to limit the spread of the current COVID-19 virus and prepare ourselves for any future pandemic?

It would seem that the best answer would be reducing the factors related to Metabolic Syndrome- in a word or two, LIFESTYLE CHANGES.

Exercise, sleep, hydration, nutritious food all improve immune function, as will improving one’s spirit of play, and being in communication with others. Man, just being ALIVE!!!!!!!

It is thought that diet alone and its influence on Metabolic Syndrome is why some people are hardly impacted by the virus, and others are not so lucky.

So let’s look at diet. One type of diet that has shown to be most influential in altering the outcome of the disease is the Mediterranean Diet. This diet includes fresh vegetables, virgin olive oil, fish with omega 3 fatty acids, and fresh fruit. Not only can the Mediterranean diet reduce the co-morbidity factors of Metabolic Syndrome, but also reduce chronic inflammation.

In a Scandinavian study a few years back, the Mediterranean Diet was shown to decrease morbidity (disease) of ANY type by over 54% in a population of people between 70 and 90 years old- 54%!

Think of how many trillions of dollars a drug company could make if they could take a pill that reduced all diseases of any kind by 54%!

So can food actually be medicine? Hippocrates once said, “Let thy food by thy medicine, and thy medicine is thy food.”

Studies are showing that dietary changes can reduce the probability of infection with COVID-19 and the severity of symptoms.

So the simplest thing to do is look up the Mediterranean Diet and follow that. I for one am not a fan of grains in the diet at all, whole grains or otherwise, but most sources will give you a good example of Mediterranean food- fish, chicken, lamb, vegetables, fruit, and virgin olive oil, along with a variety of spices. Not too difficult.

Above all be sure to add LOTS of vegetables to your diet. Vegetables have phytonutrients in them that can reduce co-morbidities and protect against infection. Vegetables along with Vitamin D has shown to improve the immune system function and reduce chronic inflammation.

Not too difficult, and certainly a lot easier than trying to take a pill or vaccine and wear a mask forever, and not go to church or gyms or restaurants, or school and watch domestic violence and suicides skyrocket… and everything else! Just eat your vegetables!

Think about this. We have been told that a vaccine is the only hope we have. But how can injecting a poisonous concoction like a vaccine into people who are inflamed, unhealthy, and with compromised immune systems ever be a solution? Look at the list of ingredients in the typical vaccines- they are the most dangerous poisons. The vaccine will be of little benefit to the health because their immune systems are working fine; will make those who were marginally healthy very sick, and probably kill those who were already at risk because of poor health, Metabolic Syndrome, obesity….

Or you can just start eating your vegetables!

One last thing…,

There is an incredible book by Dr. David Seaman that describes the concepts of the de-inflammatory diet. It is amazing. The book is called, “The DeFlame Diet”.

We have been trying to push this book on our patients for a number of years. If you have a body- you must read this book!  Amazing! It explains what uncontrolled inflammation does to one’s health, and how to simply correct it.

You can check on Amazon or let me know and I can get you a copy.

Dr. Seaman has a number of very simple and short YouTube videos that show you how to shop and eat around a menu to make sure you are eating a de-inflammatory diet.

He has also written a very interesting article that we will be passing along through the e-mail. You must read it- amazing!

And one last thing…,

Vitamin D. Please, please, please go on the internet and see all the incredible things Vitamin D will do for you. Most are severely deficient, and we can do a test for $43 to determine your levels and get you up to snuff! Vitamin D is only about 50 cents a tablet and can save your life.

Well, I hope these blogs shed some hope on things for you.

You can control your life and longevity, and Paragon Chiropractic can show you some easy and inexpensive ways to rise above all of this nonsense. PLEASE let me know if you have any questions!

Take Care,

Dr. Dave