Hello and Welcome to December!

I thought I would change things up a bit and do a series of blogs describing the importance of a health and wellness team, a team that includes chiropractic, and hopefully, explain why this is so very important for all of us who live in the life a day world.

In earlier blogs, I talked about the idea that if you have a body, you are an athlete.

This statement was made a number of years ago by Bill Bowerman, who along with being an incredible Track and Field coach, was one of the co-founders of Nike.

The statement was made not because everyone was out there training for the Olympics, but because everybody is in training all day, every day!

Think about it. Why do you sit as you do? Or walk as you do? Or hurt as you do? Or look at the world around you like you do?

In a word…, TRAINING!

You have been in training for many years making what you see in the mirror each day- this is a type of athleticism, but athleticism nonetheless.

Most of us would not consider ourselves “athletes” in the traditional sense, and while that might be the case, you ought to ask your body what it thinks! Man- have you been in training!

Why does a person who sits all day have a tough time walking? He’s a trained “professional” sitter!

Why does a person keep hurting himself at the gym?

Because he sat all day at work, trained his core to dysfunction and now he wants to do harmful exercise that he cannot stabilize his back to do.

Even after training to sit all day, he goes to the gym and trains dysfunction and pain into his normal body movements.

How about people who worry and are stressed out most of the day? This too is training!

Think of what you actually do the most of each day, and consider it to be training- just like an athlete going through the rigors of physical toil.

Watch yourself, or a co-worker and study how they move, sit, walk… these mechanics have all been trained. That person spent many, many hours training those mechanics- good, bad, or otherwise.

Talk to people and listen to how they tell you about the world they live in. This too, was all learned after many, many hours of ‘training”.

Now before anyone poo-pahs this concept of athleticism, what does an athlete do?

He practices certain movements and mechanics over and over and does them to the point where he can do them effortlessly and without much thought. In time he doesn’t even really have to think about them they just happen automatically.

Do you pay attention to yourself throughout the day, or do you just go through the same motions you did the day before?

This is a type of athletic training, and so…, if you have a body, you are an athlete! Only you do it without rest, time to recover and more than likely without a health and wellness team like the pros use.

More on this in the next blog!

Thanks for Reading,

Dr. Dave