Dr. Dave writes a weekly blog that has been very well received. He began writing the blogs when he felt that so much more needed to be said than could be presented in our videos.

Over time, readers began to tell me how much they enjoyed reading my blogs as they seemed to simplify life and just made sense to them. Too many people are being given bad advice and are suffering as a result.

As long as the blogs help people to live better, on their own terms, I will continue to write!


All of his categories are listed below. If there is a specific subject matter that you prefer, please click on the category below and it will bring up all the blogs he has written about that subject matter. ENJOY!

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  • Beyond Chiropractic- Our Therapy Machines
  • Communication-Our Magic
  • Corrective Exercise and Posture
  • Healing Phases and Tissues
  • Inflammation and Immune System
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Nutrition and Supplements
  • Paragon's Chiropractic
  • Philosophy