Healthcare Alternatives in Phoenix

Recently someone wanted to know what services we provide at, and through Paragon Chiropractic.
I thought I would take a moment and list each service and offer a brief description of each. Please note, we offer a lot when it comes to our services so this blog will be spread out over a series of three different posts so with that said, let’s get going!

Chiropractic Care in Phoenix

This is the most obvious. We provide good, old fashioned hands-on chiropractic care. Dr. Krieger and I have been in practice for nearly 35 years EACH, and we can and do adjust everything- spines, shoulders, elbows wrists, fingers, hips, knees, ankles feet, and toes. We can even adjust the bones in your skull!

Therapeutic Modalities

These are the various types of machines we use in conjunction with each adjustment when warranted. These used to be called Physio-Therapies, and are tools like ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation used to help promote those physiologic functions necessary for healing. This would also include ice.

Therapeutic Exercises

These are specific exercises and maneuvers meant to undo postural faults and faulty mechanics, and also to “undo” the adverse effects from either.  This is where we show you how to sit, how to get up from sitting, sleeping positions, corrective exercises to undo poor sitting.  This is not weightlifting per se. These tips like squeezing the glutes, walking through your big toes, modifying the way you sit at home, sleep, walk are very helpful. These are very easy and amazingly effective.


Dr. Krieger is a certified acupuncturist, and soon will be our daughter Abby. Needles are used to balance the meridians or energy lines of the body.


Fun Fact: Chiropractors are licensed physicians in the State of Arizona. We can diagnose disease, evaluate films and blood work- just like your medical doctor or physician’s assistant- but without all the time and expense. Should you need a referral to a specialist we can arrange that, too!


We offer caring and compassionate care, easy scheduling, same-day appointments, and payment plans. Whatever helps you get the care you need.


Please look at our Google Reviews and others. Paragon Chiropractic IS the real deal, and we would be happy to help you!


Until Next Time,


Dr. Dave!