How To Prevent Injuries and Take Care Of Yourself


If you haven’t noticed, it’s starting to get a little- just a very little bit nicer outside. This means everyone will want to get out there and do it to it! I see more joggers, hikers, dog walkers, bicyclists- people out there getting after it now that they won’t totally melt.


This month we’ve dedicated a number of Facebook videos to things a person can do to prevent injury, and things they can do after they ignored all the good advice and actually hurt themselves. 😉



One of the first recommendations that we made was if you are planning on getting back out there, stop by for a visit. We will be happy to take the time to listen and understand your goals. Often times, a few suggestions or modifications can make all the difference in the world. For example, we have our patients stop all of the conventional, static stretches. These movements rarely mimic the athletic movements, and always overstretch tissue beyond its ability to stabilize. This leads to injury!


Instead, Movement Preps, or using the Stick, or Theracane, or  Foam Roll can be wonderous!!!!


Orthotics can also be amazing especially for hikers and runners. It’s really simple. We take a scan of your feet and our company makes a custom-made, soft orthotic. When a person walks, ever time their heal hits the ground they generate an impact force of 5 gravitational forces in their arches, ankle, and knee. By the time the impact force exits the body through the top of the head, the force is .5 gravitational force. What this means is a 200 lb person walking will generate a force 5 times their body weight in their arches, ankles, and knees- that’s 1000 pounds with every step! The force coming out of the head is half the body weight, or in this case 100 lbs.


Now, if a person runs… these forces are tripled! With our, 200-pound guy above the forces will be 3000 pounds though the lower leg joints or 300 pounds over the head.


Our orthotics cut these forces in half!  Ever wonder why your joints hurt when your hiking, walking or running.


This is just one example of preventative measures that can be taken. Doing the right exercises correctly, being aligned with chiropractic, and not overstretching your muscles beyond their capacity to contract is mammoth.


If you do injure yourself, we have a number of therapies that can get you moving again- chiropractic, the MyAct and Cryofos, and corrective exercises.


I’ve written about the MyAct and Cryofos, but these are two machines out of Germany that promote your body’s ability to heal naturally. You can go to our Website and read about these machines. Next month we will be doing videos on real, live patients receiving treatments with not only MyAct and Cryofos, but adjustments and acupuncture as well.


There is a word for people who enjoy hurting themselves, and I’m pretty sure you are not one of them. (If you are, go to my other Website… just kidding!)  So if you’re not one of those who gain pleasure out of hurting themselves then why do it? Especially when Paragon Chiropractic is here to help you succeed with your health goals!


Well, I’ll talk to you later! Until then, really… come see us and save yourself a lot of trouble!