Healing Soft Tissue Injuries


Again, if you are unsure… ice, don’t stretch and take short walks- stay moving as you can.


As I said earlier, we at Paragon Chiropractic deal mostly with ligament type injuries.


There are three (3) categories or grades of ligament injury:


     A. Grade I – This is a mild tear or stretch and presents with little or no joint instability. This is typical, “something’s out in my                                 back” type thing.
     B. Grade II – This would include an incomplete tear of the ligament, some instability of the joint. This can be disc herniations                                 or bulges.
     C. Grade III– This would be a complete tear or rupture of the ligament. A person can’t put weight on the joint
                              because of instability and surgery is most likely necessary.


At Paragon Chiropractic we have great success with Grades I and II and typically send the Grade III’s out for a surgical consult, but we can help with these, too.


Along with adjustments, we also offer MyAct and Cryofos therapies for ligament injuries. These work amazingly well. Both can be read about on our Web Page.


Cryofos is amazing at shutting the inflammation down, decreasing swelling and pain. This allows for the mobilization of the injured joint which also promotes faster recovery. There’s that movement thing again.


MyAct works along the same principles as Platelet Rich Plasma, Prolotherapy and Stem Cells- only BETTER- NO NEEDLES!!!!!  It works to initiate the healing process, and bring your body’s own platelets, white blood cells, growth factors and stem cells to the injury site.


There’s really no reason to suffer from injuries that simply do not want to heal on their own. Paragon Chiropractic is here to help.


As will be seen in the next blog, there really is a trick to getting these nearly impossible tissues – the ligaments- to heal and recover.  There really is no pill or drug that will do this; in fact, the research shows that NSAIDs and Over the Counter anti-inflammatories not only do not work to reduce inflammation but interfere with the healing process and cause more inflammatory injury! And this doesn’t include the damage done to the intestines, liver, and kidneys by these drugs.


Alright. Next blog I’ll describe the three (3) phases of healing and how Paragon Chiropractic can help improve each process!