Hello and Welcome Back!

Now you still might not consider yourself an athlete and this is fine. The point I’m trying to make is that your daily grind trains the body to function in a particular manner, and as will be seen in this and future blogs – we are training beyond the body’s ability to resist and correctly repair itself. Instead of recovering and properly adapting, the body just continues to break down and become less and less useful as we age- just like an athlete near the end of his career!

As I said, I’m not trying to convince you that you are an athlete, only that between your workday world, and the recreational world, most are way overdoing it, and with very like time to rest, recover and adapt.

Now when a person thinks of a professional athlete he thinks of someone pushing their body beyond normal human capacity, right?

Take a look at your workday world.

Most people live a 24/7 life- go, go, go! They do not have the benefit of an offseason like most professional athletes, nor do they have the luxury of being off the field or court for extended periods during the game.

Most cannot go into a “slump” and have the rest of the team make up for their shortcomings, or simply go to another team for more money.

No, the average guy has to be near 100%, 100% of the time, and he does so without a whole lot of rest or time to recover from the day and adapt to be bigger and better for tomorrow.

In the sports world, this is considered over-training.

So are you starting to see the problem, and why having a health and wellness team might be a great idea, if not a vital one?

The pros have health and wellness teams, and the average guy works much harder and longer, and in my opinion what the average guy does is infinitely more important than some silly sport (and yes, I am a sports fan!)

So what can you do to build your own health and wellness team?

Okay, next blog- let’s look at some solutions.

Take Care,

Dr. Dave