Pain Relief At Paragon Chiropractic

This is the third and final installment on what could aptly be called- The Pain Blog!

I would like to talk a little more about the idea of de-flammation and pain resolution. It is my hope that the chiropractic profession, or at least Paragon Chiropractic becomes synonymous with this concept of pain resolution. Again, this is NOT anti-inflammation like the pharmaceutical companies call it, or how their sundry of pills and potions are supposed to work against inflammation. Most do not realize that steroids and other anti-inflammation remedies do just that- they stop inflammation. And some times this is the best solution, but for the most part, it is not and these remedies in getting rid of the inflammation interfere with the healing process- oftentimes preventing the injured tissue from properly healing or in the new term I would like to be understood- RESOLVING.

A person truly wants resolution, where an injury occurs, and then the body, as it was designed to do resolves- that properly heals the injury and you continue on with your life like it never happened.

With this is mind, resolution and getting back to a pain-free life, the last secret weapon I would like to discuss is:

7. MyACT. This is a device that many call the machine, or the thumper, or that thing that Austin does. MyACT is short for Myofascial Acoustic Compressive Therapy and uses a pulsed ultrasound wave to deeply massage injured tissue and increase blood flow to the area. In addition to this, each of these pulses causes a minor inflammatory episode in the tissue. What?!? I thought we wanted to get rid of inflammation since it is causing pain and further injuring the tissue. Well, yes and no. Remember, inflammation is not a bad thing. It gets rid of the injured tissues and cells and fights off infection. So in this case, the MyACT causes a minor injury to the injured or often times “healed” tissue, and starts a new inflammatory process. Basically, it starts a new healing event and brings platelets, proteolytic enzymes and even the body’s own stem cells to the area. This is amazing. We have patients who have had knee and hip replacements, but who still have pain a year or more post-surgery. We use the MyACT to start a new healing event and within a few sessions pain is gone, the person can walk and live their life again without pain!

See, when a person injures him or herself, there is an Acute Inflammatory phase initially. This should transition into a Reparative phase where the inflammation is starting to go away, and now the body is repairing what was injured. This is important, but the next phase, the Re-modeling phase is where the person’s activities and daily life start to re-model the repaired tissue and as the patient becomes more and more active, they are actually rehabilitating themselves and should in a short period of time be well and back to their normal life. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, and in fact, as the person tries to be more active, they only re-injure themselves and become sub-acute- stuck in the Acute to Reparative phases. Back and forth like a ping pong ball. This could go on and on for a very long time. This is where the MyACT works best. We start a new healing process and along with corrective exercises and lifestyle modifications that person is finally able to transition into the Remodeling phase and back to their pre-injury life- PAIN-FREE!!!!!!!!

Anyone who has experienced the MyACT can attest to how absolutely amazing it works. People who have had plantar fasciitis for 5 years- unable to walk normally- gone in 2-3 sessions!

MyACT is another one of those things that could take a number of blogs to describe, or you can just come to experience it. It could be the answer you or someone you know has been looking for for a very long time!

MyACT works great on chronic joint pain- shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, wrists, ankles hands and feet-even jaw pain. It also works amazingly well on post-surgical joints, even where joint replacement took place. Heck, it’s amazing on trigger points.

A person simply needs to try it. In fact, Dr. Dave appeared on 2 different news shows to demonstrate how the MyACT works. You should check it out on our website- spoiler alert, one of the interviews is much better than the other.

Well, these past few blogs are just some of the things we can do to help a person who is suffering from pain. There is no need to suffer needlessly unless of course, that’s your thing!

I guess the bottom line is Paragon Chiropractic probably has a solution that can help you or someone you know. Just let us know if we can help. Oh, there is one more thing that we do to handle pain:

8. Corrective Exercises. Basically, motion is the lotion your body needs to get rid of the pain. We can show you some very simple exercises that can not only make your pain go away but get you back to moving and living again. We have shown a number of these exercises on our Facebook videos. You should check them out. Or…


Take care, and I hope these blogs and videos are helpful to you.