Hello, and Welcome Back!

If the last blog seemed a little choppy, and with a lot of typos, I was trying to fly through because everyone was sitting out in the driveway waiting to go to the movies.

I really do not enjoy the movie experience, but Dr. Diane does, and so one of her Christmas presents is that I will go to a movie with her each month for a whole year. You might say, that’s not a cool present, but I have to tell you it will usually be years between movies for me. I really do not enjoy the experience.

Alight, so I’m back and I think I have some time to talk about the third phase, and that is the Remodeling Phase!

So after the initial injury and the tissue starting to repair itself, a person starts to transition into the Remodeling Phase, or at least is supposed to transition.

When the body lays down scar tissue it throws this material called fibrin all over the place like confetti. The scarring itself kind of resembles a spider-web like matrix. As a person begins to resume his or her activities this scar tissue is torn, and as you use the injured area new scar tissue is laid down and in time it will go from looking like a spider-web matrix to parallel rows along the lines that the tissue is stretched and used. This is Remodeling.

To stay inactive can lead to adhesions- the scar tissue can adhere the skin to the muscles, muscles to the bone and all over. This is why we recommend activity as you recover.

So, what should happen is as you use the injured body part or region, the tissue and the area become stronger and better and more and more able to handle the stresses and strains that it did before the injury. You don’t wake up one day better and well, you actually have to slowly and gradually work to recover your lost functions. You can’t sit there, say you are healed and then go hit it as you did. This will cause a new sub-acute injury and you will go back to the Acute, Inflammatory Phase, through the Reparative Phase, and HOPEFULLY into the Remodeling Phase. This again, is why we don’t recommend stretching. You’ll never get off the injury merry-go-round.

So if you hurt yourself, the inflammation resolves, the tissue heals and you are able to return to your pre-injury activities of daily living then HORRAY! you made it. The body did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Now keep in mind, the Remodeling Phase can take as many as six (6) months to over a year to resolve. It doesn’t mean you’ll be in agony or have problems, but something to keep in mind if you hurt yourself and wonder why you can’t go back to beating yourself again in a day or two!

If, as you try to be more active you keep re-injuring the tissue, this is where Paragon Chiropractic can be of huge help.

Again, joint manipulation, corrective exercises, activity modifications like proper sitting and standing, and the MyAct and Cryofos machines can be mammoth!

The MyAct causes a compressive micro-trauma to the “healed” tissue which in a controlled manner starts a new healing process and helps a person transition into the Remodeling Phase as nature intended.

We’ve had people with 5-year-old heel spurs who couldn’t walk be able to walk again without pain! Degenerative knees and hips respond remarkably well.

Cryofos reduces the pain so we can mobilize the injured joint and tissue and get it moving again.

Again, I could go on and on. If you are having trouble you really need to make an appointment and lets us help you get to the Remodeling Phase!

Okay, well probably one more blog on this topic.

I hope this helps you. It’s so much easier to talk about these things, show examples and answer questions so if you would like to talk about you… just give us a call and ask!